Why did you change paradise (cant land on high place)(rant)

really i dont recall seeing poeple complain about poeple getting on top of the grinders, there are tons of other places to land still that are higher.

why do the devs never communicate what they plan to do… maybe start a thread we plan make it so you cant land on the grinders. let us give feed back what you are planning to do.

this game has been nothing but keeping us in the dark about the what is being planned.

devs we are your customers. we are the ones playing the game. let us know what you are doing so we can have a discussion.

seriously im about done with this game, i had so much high hopes but im tired. and now i doubt ill ever get payment back from a friend i loaned 75$ for the game because he hasn’t touched it for 4 weeks and pissed with the game. doesnt want to pay for something thats a waste of money.

i was such a huge fan from the beta i ordered a sweet custom art of my dragon as benedict, but ill not follow something blindly.

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Then what difference does it make? Just use those places instead.

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then what’s the differences to get rid of the ones on the grinder

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No clue, but hardly seems rant-worthy given you’ve already acknowledged there are other options.

It’s more of the fact that they changed this without letting us know why. I don’t personally see the problem with getting on top of the grinders. Actually, I don’t like that they got rid of getting on top of the grinders. They obviously put those stones as a stairway to get on top of them.

The benefits that I can see from this change
Long range battleborn like Marquis can’t camp on top of the grinder anymore.

Another spot for battleborn like Melka and Benedict to sit on top of and me practically untouchable by certain other battleborn.

Maybe there’s more that I’m missing but I dunno. I didn’t really see this as a big issue that needed addressing.

Yeah Ive never seen complaints about grinder sitting. I’ve done it. It’s easy to be hit up there so what was the problem?

I think they shouldve taken focus on more pressing issues that people have been openly trying to get addressed.

Especially since now Toby’s mutation that let’s his boosters propel him upwards is COMPLETELY useless since that was the only time it came in handy. Perch next to it until that level, then boost up to rain artillery down unless someone shoots or pulls me down.

Seriously why. It was Toby’s best spot

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They said in the patch notes that they fixed an issue of characters getting to where they were never intended to be. I don’t play much meltdown so I’m not sure if it would give you an extra advantage up there or not but from the way it sounds people were never supposed to be able to get up there

Why would the Dev’s tell us what they are planned before they do it? Does your local store consult you before they move stuff to different shelves just because you go there a bunch and spend money there? No, It doesn’t. It does what it thinks will do the best and then they fix the problems from there. Before you rant about what they are doing try to think about it from their perspective.


Store =/= Game company

I think everyone just expects gearbox to be more open because of other game companies that are more open.

Personally I look at Warframe and Digial Extremes and THAT is how I think a game should be run. They tell players straight up when there’s a problem or something that needs to be addressed and even announce content that may not be coming for months.

Even smaller games at least draw a map for what players can expect, but I don’t think gearbox made that plan so to speak as they are used to their more single player/co op games.

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Then why have characters that can get up to high places? Lol. If that were really the case then they shouldve just built the grinders taller to begin with. If a Benedict and others can get up on pillars and other structures that are higher and more advantageous then what was the problem with the grinders?

Surely they would’ve realized people would be able to get up there?

I can see melee characters being at a disadvantage if everyone were up on high places but that’s a different issue.

Like I said I don’t really play meltdown much so I’m not sure how much of an advantage being able to get up there is…maybe one of the devs found an exploit from being up there and they just decided to stop it before everybody else figured it out I dont know just one possible scenario

I’m just gonna assume my Toby owning meltdown from the top of the grinder, annihilating everything on the map scared people too much so they had to nerf the penguin perch XD

Sigh. That sounds like a very questionable decision that just proves – once again – that their balancing team is stunningly out of touch and not too experienced at this sort of thing. This is why you need to hire a very experienced balancing team. I’ve said many times that this is Battleborn’s weakest area, and ultimately it is what will kill the game.

Really, the whole point of having perches is for characters like Benedict, ISIC, and Kleese who have mobility. If you take away their perches, then you might as well take away their mobility as well. The Splatoon devs understand this. I’ve pointed out the relation to sprinklers in Splatoon and I’ll do it again.

In Splatoon, if a sprinkler can land in a weird place (on the underside of a platform or outside of the level), so long as it can still be easily shot at, then it’s not broken. As such, the developers don’t fix it because it isn’t broken. Sprinklers are meant to work that way.

In Battleborn, characters with mobility are meant to work that way. So long as you can still shoot at them from wherever, so long as the geometry isn’t blocking them, then you don’t fix what isn’t broken. Is the geometry blocking people from shooting them? Then don’t remove the perch, instead fix the geometry so that players can shoot through it.

I really, really wish they weren’t so out of touch. This kind of thing makes me pull my hair out. I’ve been so frustrated with… with… Okay, I’ll say it, with bad balancing teams who’ve killed games. A number of my favourite games were killed by bad balancing teams.

Why was this even done? I’ll reiterate: Even if you can’t shoot at a person on that perch, don’t remove the perch, modify the geometry to allow other players to be able to shoot at someone perched there.

I’m really worried about Battleborn. I am a fan. You all know this, but this kind of thing… Guh. They’ll fix all the perches, soon. And then, hey, what’s even the point of having mobility? I keep repeating myself because I’m absolutely confounded by this.

I don’t see any logic in it. It’s incredibly illogical!


[quote=“silverkhaos, post:13, topic:1514155, full:true”]
[…] nerf the penguin perch XD[/quote]

But that’s the thing. They didn’t nerf it, they destroyed it. They keep doing that. They keep destroying things. And it never looks good. They could have modified the perch to make it easier for people to shoot a person out of it. they didn’t need to destroy the perch.


Every time I try to feel confident about Battleborn, illogical, ill-informed balance choices just beat me down again. I want to brag about this game and talk it up to people! I can’t do that…


Its either that or straight up nerf snipers I think. Sniper nests keep turning into a problem.

Screw it, just nerf everything. At this rate the fun will literally be taken from the game lol. I’m laughing but it’s very sad for me right now.

Let’s just change everything about Battleborn cuz people seem to want it to be Overwatch so they don’t have to admit they’re playing Overwatch lol.

Spot on, 100%


All I know is from my own experience in being up there and attacking up there.

It was very easy to be hit and to hit people that perched there. Yes melee characters were at a disadvantage but aren’t they already? These types of games pander to ranged characters.

Only for Marquis and thorn because they can hide behind and shoot through the geometry due to their wire thin character models. Whereas Toby is massive target who shoots slower but also hits way harder with a much larger projectile.

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