Why did you pull an EA Gearbox?

Sorry, but this DLC is ■■■■■■■■… you guys know that if any other company did this they’d be crucified…
They basically increased the marketplace prices, no longer can free premium give you anything expect a taunt or a loot pack maybe, because saving up to 700 is not ideal at all.

Schwimwear costs a minimum of $10, while all those afterwards cost a minimum of $5. That’s just cheap… shame cause I occassionaly picked up a few skins but this is just scummy. Some of y’all might say that “It’s not that much money” but c’mon, they intentionally raised the prices probably so they can make there money back cause the game failed so hard and is free now. It’s in everyway a scam… I won’t be putting anymore money to this idea sorry GBX

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Then, dont do it :smiley:.

For free players, takes around a month to buy 1 magnus pack and get lucky for a premium skin or/and taunt


don’t do what?

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Don’t buy the skins or taunts. They are cosmetic items that in no way give one an unfair advantage.


… I said that in the OP

If I recall it correctly most decisions regarding Microtransactions are in courtesy of 2K, not GBX.
2K has a Forum as well btw.


I know; i was just explaining what @dantesolar meant, since you asked. Personally, i wish Gearbox and 2K would drop the RNG factor, and instead take a page from Rockstar’s book; i would HAPPILY support the game with another $10-$-20 dollars, by DIRECTLY BUYING another Toby skin or taunt.

Good for you!

If anyone interested

Magnus lootpacks drops are around

0.5% magnus skin
1-2% premium skins and taunts.

This is based on the experience of the community and myself.


I would pay the same if i saw a skin that i rly rly like.

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yeah but you’re missing the point of this thread

I do recall a part of the skins having shipped with the game, and ended up beign released as MT’s aswel.
(short story even shorter: those MT’s should’ve never been added in the first place).

bruh it’s a mindset like that that makes game devs think it’s ok to overprice things

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No… You can’t be serious… How can it be worse than what Overwatch is doing?

Yes, as it turns out, free-to-play games will have microtransactions that will be pretty crummy.

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To be fair, though, the point of Magnus packs is to give flair, not necessarily premium skins and taunts. But the drop rates should be increased.

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But 0.5%?!

I could probably have a higher chance hatching a unicorn.

And unicorns don’t come from eggs.

Or did that change recently?

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@HipHopFanitic no, one of our forum moderators is trying to kindly direct you towards the better location to take your ire because it most likely wasn’t gearboxes decision, if you simply wish to be angry and rude you won’t last long on these forums please note I’m not trying to seem insulting or rude, I’m just speaking bluntly

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What IS the point? Because if you do not want us discussing our opinions on the matter, it takes the form of a rant, and shouldn’t be in the “General Discussion” section. Like @loving-hatred, i am just being blunt.


No, you both still missed the point of this thread. It’s not WHO did it… it’s WHAT has been done. I posted here bceause more Battleborn fans told me about the gbx forums, so I’m telling the fans not to waste your money on these cosmetics

when have I gave off the impression I didn’t want people discussing the matter? I just said the guy above missed the point of the thread