Why did you stop making end game content

I just came back after a year hiatus and re-realized why I stopped playing. Effectively end game content is
Load screen, fight boss, quit, load screen, continue, load screen, fight boss.

Back before DLCs, we had 3 slaughter shafts, 6 trials, and the maliwan takedown and it was fantastic!!

DLC1-4 came out, no slaughters, no trials, no replayable content… just boss farm. Also with power creep the best gear was always in the DLCs. You can’t get dlc drops outside of the dlc, but you can get base game world drops inside the dlc… Wtf.

Dlc 5 came out and I quit. You brought out new skill trees… Great to hear but the new content made them obsolete. So you either play arms race which made different vault hunters obsolete by removing skills… Or you played old content with new skill trees. Horrible decision.

Now Dlc 6 I had long since quit before it came out so can’t comment on content.

So what happened to end game… Dlc1-4 could have had trials and slaughters to farm gear instead of the load screen method.
DLC1: loader bot slaughter
DLC2: tentacle slaughter
DLC3: devil rider slaughter
DLC4:. Anything you want, it’s kriegs mind…

But by DLC 4 you obviously have up on content considering you barely even had side quests during DLC4…

Mayhem 2.0 could have made more content like the OP system but you messed up scaling so bad you made most mayhem levels negligible, and filled them with modifiers that no one wanted or cared for…

So… Where is the end game content instead of watching loading screens all day…

(That’s my rant, thx for listening)


This still makes me scratch my head. Got nothing else to add, your refreshingly concise rant has summed it all up.


Everyone who helped bring the Mayhem element into this game must be… no, I’m not going to say anything harsh.

I got hundreds of hours out of BL1 where there was effectively no endgame content for a long time outside of Armory farming or Craw, and many of those hours was before they even fixed the rest of the game to scale with the DLC level boosts… that said, standards and time has changed so it’s a little weird how thin content is in BL3. I love the game overall but I am surprised each DLC didn’t come with its own raid like in BL2, or slaughter missions.


Answer is simple, GBX cant even get the content that is there to work do you really want to add to their incompetence :slight_smile: