Why did you turn homeworld 1 remastered into a 90% homeworld 2 game?

this basicly makes me regret paying the 30 dollars for this you ruined the homeworld 1 game the only thing it’s missing to be hw 2 is the fighter squadrons and no fuel and the hw 2 campaign/ships.

Homeworld 1 didnt have research costs
could build more then 2 class types at a time (didnt start multi player with a carrier unless map specific)
so on that note im done.

EDIT: although i will give them credit for a job very well done with the HD enhancement it does look great, but they should not have changed the game itself or they could have made that an extra game mode tied into hw 2.


Can I have your stuff?

wrong game and worst troll ever been done to death in eve online try being a bad troll in the right place.

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I don’t mind people being critical of games here, as long as it’s done politely. But don’t get mean to each other, okay?


OH MY GOD YES THANK YOU for this post.

WTF is up with literally everything being hw2 flavored?

Unit formations don’t seem to persist, ships have retarted accuracy, ship strength and stats seem to be comparable to hw2 rather than hw1 so I have like no idea how strong anything REALLY is, support frigates don’t f’in support, resource collectors are ridiculous, build queue times are ridiculous due to only two things building at once, and yes, now research costs money?? Was that THAT hard to remake??

For instance, i was like OK let me make a simple light corvette wall with a support frig… the wall is a diamond, the supp doesnt supp, the wall then completely deconstructs as soon as battle starts even in aggressive mode… why!


I’m starting to regreat also, the changes they made, makes no sense. They even made the higaran bc be able to flip, wtf, way to kill the strategy.
HW1 is completly dead.
I’m sad.


ya atm worst 30 dollars i ever spent on a game hope they go back and fix it i would rather play classic with it’s bad graphics.

guess i wont get back into making maps unless a large enough player base gets active on the classic multi player.

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At this point, i hope the classic game get a multiplayer support, i don’t have any hope for remastered mp, they just got hw1 and tossed into hw2 values, and made some no sense changes on hw2.
i rather play a game with outdated graphics but good gameplay


Just would like to point out they have mentioned repeatedly that they had to bring the HW1 code into the HW2 engine for the remaster, followed by very heavy modifications of the HW2 engine. As a result, probably to just make the job easier, they used the modified HW2 assets in HW1. Part of the reason why they included the originals untouched was becase of the potential for complaints like this. Trust me, what they have done is not an easy task. I don’t blame them for what they have done, this kind of stuff, to get it to work right, and work well, is a royal pain in the backside. All it takes is one or two erroneous lines of code, and the game vomits. My only complaints is the sound glitches, that were present in the original games, and the lack of a mouse sensitivity option in the remasters. Beyond that, you also have to ask how many of the changes did the guys at Blackbird Studios recommend.


You’re points are invalid. This has been sold as Homeworld 1 and 2 remastered with a price tag you would expect for a brand new game. We have been given HW2 remasted with HW1 ships thrown in. Everything about how it looks and plays is HW2. HW1 should never have been associated with this remaster.


lol, hey Air!, good to see you!
And yeah agree, i though i would get hw1 with new graphics and not hw2 with hw1 skin

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Not to be that guy, but a new game costs $59.99 USD. HW:R is nearly half of that.

In addition, “HW2 remasters with HW1 ships thrown in” is exactly what is happening because they are using a modified version of the HW2 engine. And they are using that engine, afaik, because HW2’s engine is superior graphically.

There are a lot of HW1 elements that I miss, but I think coming into this discussion thinking it will be exactly HW1 is going to be a shock. As much as I hate to say it, if you want HW1 exactly like how you remember it, then you’ll have to play the originals. Trying to put the elements of HW1 into a HW2 engine is dificult, to say the least. I’m sure that’s not the kind of things most HW1 players (myself included) want to hear, but this is the most reasonable way to approach a remastering, imo. Every other way involves a lot more time and money, and what they’ve done isn’t terrible by any standards. It’s pretty good, but I think that also involves an appreciation of what they’ve no doubt had to jump through.


It seems like what happened was that the single player had much of it sacrificed in order to fit in with the silly allfactionstogether multiplayer idea they came up with. Strike craft in HWR cost twice as much as they did previously, fuel was eliminated so that it wouldn’t be an extra factor that only HW1 faction would have to worry about, and ship caps appear to have been altered as well. Again, I strongly believe that many of the changes were made so they could shoehorn HW1 factions into HW2 multiplayer. And this isn’t even addressing the entirety of gameplay: capturing is different, collision physics and movement are HW2 style, repairing ships is much more difficult, etc.


I don’t believe that the MP convergence was the deciding factor. I think using the HW2 engine was, and since they are using the HW2 engine anyway, all races can conveniently be played against each other. I can’t begin to imagine the discussion about balance being had at Gearbox, but I don’t agree that the single player was sacrificed for the multi player.

Rather, I think the single player was recreated as best they could in the HW2 engine, which is saying a lot since the HW2 engine was very different than HW1. The MP thing was the cherry on top, not the goal, imo.


I’m also not happy with everything they did but keep in mind at least we can play again. As for the missing core stuff… Who knows if enough people persist. they may try bringing us few of the old core features back in patches. So stay calm guys. Rather show more encouragement and support.
Some things that aren’t in yet for example like dancing hw1 corvettes were already implemented in old hw2 mods such as homeworld universe… HW@ etc… So if not them then us modders will make things happen.

I remain confident. At least we can play the classic mp again without the need for hamachi or tunggle. :wink:


I strongly suspect some of you are talking about the Multiplayer.

You do realize that it’s BETA, right?

They have a disclaimer saying that it’s UNFINISHED, and that they need our help to make it better.

So thanks for your help.

I’m actually a little surprised they didn’t throw up a little server for the classics to play MP with.

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I’m pretty disappointed so far. Doesn’t feel like Homeworld at all. Just Homeworld 2 masquerading as HW1. Come on Gearbox. From the beginning you talked about keeping the game authentic.


Now, while I know very little about Homeworld, having not played it, but planning to, I think it’s a tad bit unreasonable to have expectations of the game being remade in the sequel’s engine to not have it feel a bit, or as a lot of people here are saying, a lot like Homeworld 2 when the game is currently not even finished, let alone expect it to be 100% like the original in its current state. That can be changed, and you all do have the opportunity of providing good constructive criticism that might affect the game’s finished feel. Just my thoughts on the matter. So, why not make a comprehensive list on the things that could be changed, and how?

I’m curious why they didn’t just balance the single player separately from the multiplayer. If they were concerned about keeping things balanced for the multiplayer, then SP balancing seems like an acceptable fix (like starcraft). I think the more likely argument is that porting HW1 into the HW2 engine complicated things. Now we have to deal with HW2 unit system, build system, research system, fleet system, selection system… Frankly, I don’t mind (I do wish the campaign had a tad fewer resources… Probably balancing because of the research costs now). The single player isn’t so complicated that the fact that my ships can’t figure out sphere formation doesn’t really bother me. Same with the derpy support frigates and the like. It’s annoying, but I’m here for the bigger picture experience and to relive the glory days.

In terms of what’s next, I think there’s a lot of progress that can be made in the short term. I expect Gearbox will make some quality of life changes in the coming weeks. And if all else fails, we have the modding to community! I’m sure if we give them a few weeks, they’ll come up with single-player specific rebalances and fixes to make it a bit more playable. And then if we’re lucky, Gearbox will follow suit.

Should gearbox have addressed these things in the first place? Maybe. But they got it this far already. The fact that the originals are right there and packaged for use in windows 7 and above means that I can go back to the true roots if I really feel so compelled. I admit it feels a little unfinished, but I think maybe they just wanted to get it out to the community so we could critique it and give them a larger scale of feedback on what to do next. If the alternative was several more months of development, then I’m okay with this.

I do want the world to know that I am making an exception for this collection because I’m a die hard fan of the series. If EA pulled this crap with something, I would be much less cordial…