Why didn't I get the loyalty rewards?

I’ve been hearing people saying that they got their loyalty rewards somehow and I’m just wondering why I never got mine? I 0layed bl on the 360 transferred my characters and haven’t heard anything about the rewards until today when someone told me they got theres… just wondering why I did not get mine?..

Loyalty rewards have been put on hold. Not sure what’s up with others saying they got them.

Keep an eye on this thread. It will be updated when a fix is available.

I have received loyalty rewards from Tales From the Borderlands, 3 guns & a shield. They showed up in my shift machine in Concordia in The Pre Sequel. As for the 75 keys in both games & any other rewards, I have gotten nothing (I am aware its being adressed). The tales rewards showed up the day after Handsome Collection was released. Not trying to stir the pot just trying to share any info I have in hopes of it being helpful in someway.

Everyone keeps talking about Xbox. Where do I find out about PS4 and missing loyalty rewards? i.e… 75 keys and the missing Kreig custom head and skin? The other heads and skins showed but none for him. Are all platforms having the same issues? Thanks.

How is the tales anyway? Worth getting? How big is the game and what does it connect to?

The rewards I spoke of were on PS4. And audetyler, Tales is a lot of fun. It puts a unique spin on the Borderlands experience. If you could imagine watching Borderlands as a TV series but you’re in control of what happens, it’s a little like that.

Yeah Xbox is still experiencing the same problem. Well mine is. I lost my TFTB weapons but I kept the skins I lost them because my character save got deleted somehow, I also didn’t actually receive the loyalty rewards well I did but I didn’t because I opened them on that same save didn’t get any skins as far as I know, I had a look and there were no new ones, I got the guns and moonstone but lost them when. You can guess where I’m going with this. If anyone knows the names of the loyalty reward skins it would help if you told me.

No rewards received on PS4. Understand there is a workout underway. Thanks.

If anyone still hasn’t received their loyalty rewards after the fix, submit a support ticket with Shift.

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how do you get loyalty rewards as I am new to this