Why didnt they build on bl2's digistruct mountain idea for Mayhem levels?

I mean if they intended ppl not to hop into mayhem 10 well… Lol. Large portion of gamers want the best gear period. Its a standard rpg perogative.

In bl2 op lvls had a hard wall/or uh peak mountain and they added more with dlc releases. Having a boss run woulda been fun. Also going to mayhem extra beyond 4 requiring dlc woulda been another dlc seller.

I think they shoulda done the same here.

They shoulda built on what bl2 gave in addition to what theyre giving… Seraph shops. Invicibles not ina takedown. Takedowns. A slaughter for each dlc. And then added more.

I dont like that bl3 feels like less. Theres whole areas of… Nothing.

We coulda had… i dunno complete takedown and special bosses for parts to achieve mayhem next lvl etc. Instead they just dumped it al at once for us to beta test.

A boss rush place woulda been sweet! Imagine getting to kill one boss after the other… Hell id farm that. Heck put a army of enemies in between each i dont care. Includes all the spawns etc. Road dog would pop up etc before mouth piece.


So damn true !!!

A boss gauntlet would be cool. “Big Baddies Party” area, you get to kill 3 bosses. Could do it like the trial maps, some trash related to the boss you will fight then the boss spawns.

vast majority of consumers hated op levels and peak, they even mentioned that they would not go down the road of op levels. but mayhem currently is same as op levels+modifiers. same but different but same :roll_eyes:


Really i didnt read much op level hate.

If u ask me it gave more content for end game at least addding boss variations too.

This mayhem crap is just crap

The same people complaining about “OP levels r 2 hard kappa” are the same people complaining that they do not like Mayhem levels. They want the best loot in the game but don’t necessarily have the skill to obtain it or the knowledge to use it on their VH.

I don’t know, maybe I sound elitist here and don’t mean to, but I get tired of hearing how bad and unfair and broken the difficulty system is in BL3. The game is still in a pretty good place despite its many, many flaws, and they continue to work on it.


Im complaining about mayhem. But because bugs glitches my first few crashes ever since i got my videosettings and dx 12 right. Takedown wasnt dripping its loot… Look they confirmed itbwas a bug.

The fact that i killed warden for 7 hours instagibbin him and saw 2 plague bearers. 4 total in days. I killed killavolt for days and have no usuable for me items because anoints etc

But yeah im not complaining about difficulty. Just stability and rewards… I think m10 isnt difficult and the stabilitys gone down. Drones in walls…

Yeaah please dont box in mayhem 2.0/ m10 complainers with ppl who cant gear or talent right.


There are A LOT of people complaining about difficulty. That was the segment of the player base I was addressing.

BL3 generally, and Mayhem levels in specific, have tons of issues, but “too hard” is not one of them.


Yeah i mean i used a m6 lob for most of m10. I. Worried about the mobs hp being toned down… Toned down for what? Im.gonna click on things and tbry explode in 1 second? Its already happening. Even if thry nerf damage of weapons.

The only thing id conplain about hp wise is anointed. One dude took 5 gravewardens worth of bullets n didnt die. The special anointed rager and some buff dude. Militants are ok midgets too. Just annoying.

Mayhem is Not difficult…

Op levels where great but still could use improvement…

People talking about mayhem actually state what is wrong with it…
Most people whining about OP levels give 0 reasoning why they hate it…

If they would just scrap the ■■■■■■■ weaponscaling they would also remove the false illusion of difficulty in this game…


I guess i fall into the hardcore segment? I casually played with my wife. I only hardcore farmed. Her Amara makes the whole game a joke with. Ties that bind.

We played bl1 2 tps 3. Was happy to see some diificulty.

I think one key difference between Digistruct and Mayhem is that to go up an OP level you had to play through the peak. With Mayhem, you can start the process of getting higher level gear anywhere.

And I have seen plenty of complaints about the peak being too hard with nothing but bullet sponge enemies that can one-shot you. But then I’ve seen similar comments in relation to BL3 :man_shrugging:


This is exactly why the peak or a barrier worked so well. It basically showed ppl they needed better gear or to play better. So they dont just move onto a difficulty they cant handle. I understand side stepping or hidong behind a rock or barrel was really difficult for some people but…

Id call my wife casual and she builds well she at least watched some build vids. Shes not the greatest gamer cept to me and she plowed through everything fine like i did.

Then again she likes Dark souls.


not really , i complain about mayhem level but i felt like digi peak is all about regearing and bee shield, not so much about skill.

i mean i just used op0 pimp + bee + grog and harold maya to complete op7 like 2 days ago , all u ever need to do is stay back and let the bee do the work and i re gear twice to reach op10 with the addition of lady fist and topneaa


Which didn’t stop countless ‘Boost PLZ’ posts (followed by the inevitable ‘Too Hard Nerf or Dupez Plz’ posts).


Those who would whine OP levels where to bullet spongy didn’t make an effort farming guns… I never head a problem because I took the time to farm myself into OP8 and then it hit me that the game wasn’t really getting harder because I got equally as powerful compared to my enemies…

Mayhem is the same thing with extra ■■■■■■ steps (bullcrap modifiers that alter game play and do nothing for actual difficulty)

If OP levels didn’t have scaling weapons nobody would have a reason the whine… People would be playing the difficulty they are most comfortable with and getting increased drop rates the higher they go…

It’s not exactly rocketscience is it? Why reinvent the wheel for crying out loud…
I for one expected an upgraded OP level not the circus we ended up with…

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The Peak was nice, however a lot of people jumped right to M10 and cut the fluff.

Do I want to replay peak/game 10 times? Heck no.

Do I want OP levels? NO! However with weapon scaling it is technically here and we were able to bypass the OP runs. So ironic right?

M10 is essentially OP without the time consumption.

Do I think Peak was just flat out fun to run in general? YES!


U musta seen it all… I only came becuase the buggyness and lack of anything dropping besides purples and greens onky happend on mayhem

My wife said theres no point playing its bugged out. Theres No rewards… Gotta realize we farmed for. Hours between 2 ppl and saw 3 sand hawks beyond over 100 kills and 0 we could use. That continued with killavolt till she quit. When mayhem was on we saw legendsrys when it was on we saw greens and purples and less.

First time ever my wonderful wife didnt wanna play. She said shed play when they fixed it. Well ya know.
Outside of work and my kid forcing me to watch seizure inducing Roblox games…

I watch my game look all spazzy n big head mode’d like roblox. My wife quits. And i’m like… So i finally come here.

Never knew ppl thought borderlands was difficult in any way till recently. I mean there is so much info out there on how to play.

I never used the bee. And i was axton. I used tediore spams and my wife did ffyl maya but thats the extent of our cheese. Oh yeah flakker swap… Singularity collision bore.

Lol now that i realize this im some kinda complainer for ur forum book.

How about they bring back peak but instead of re-running it you just continue (each part unlocks a difficulty marker) aaaaaand remove weapon scaling (IMHO that is the reason difficulty scaling is so screwed)

This :point_up_2:

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