Why do a level cap after farming events?

Can someone explain the logic ? Surely gearbox must know how this would anger people? Surely ?


My guess is that those events were filler. They didn’t want people to drop the game because of no new content. I’m not gonna refarm all my gear for 3 stinking levels though. just dumb.

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I suppose you mean raising the cap to 60 or more? Well, they did it with BL2 and the Pre-Sequel (a number of times each) so people are sort of expecting it here. I think it’s to give people some reason to keep playing. At least, with the experience we have so far, our farming can be more focused, (we’ll know what’s a good drop more quickly). Then again, people don’t have to do it. Maybe a more engaging, interesting alternate game will come out.

Makes zero sense…at least to me

and then add insult to injury by making the cap THREE STINKING POINTS

which oh by the way…misses the second capstone by ONE STINKING POINT…

Really bad day today.

More “love letters” like this and I’m dumping this sweetheart…kinda that simple.

Sigh…I’ve been pissed all day and STILL am…

GB…you numbskulls!..what were you thinking!