Why do enemies use weapons from opposite manufacturers?

Why do enemies in the Beatdown LOVE Maliwan Weaponry?!? And in pirates booty majority of Badass pirates use Vladof -barreled Torgue rifles? I just don’t understand the logic in that.

The enemies in the Beatdown are Pyro Pete’s Burners, “HIS GIMMICK IS HE REALLY LIKES FIRE”.

It makes sense that they would use Maliwan weapons.

But… most of the time it’s every other element other than fire, also the DLC is all about TORGUE.

The event is hosted by the Torgue Corporation but the enemies aren’t from Torgue.

Elemental weapons are just their thing, it doesn’t specifically have to be fire, Pete himself uses Incendiary and Corrosive attacks.

This has been an issue since Bl1, whrere Atlas Crimson Lance troops used non-Atlas guns 95% of the time.

Loaders/Hyperion Commandos also rarely use Hyperion, Dahl Soldiers not using Dahl guns etc…

Your example doesnt really fit though, since the Burners were just a Bandit gang under Pyro Pete, they wernt affilated with Torgue (although there are some enemies in that DLC who are Torgue employee’s and the same issue exists).

I think its just done for variety, but since enemies dont even drop what they use anymore, thats no such a big issue (In Bl1, if every Lance dropped an Atlas gun, they wouldnt exactly be rare anymore).

What about the Pirates? Surely they should be using Jakobs?!