Why do grenades suck 99% of the time in this game?

Grenades in borderlands 2 where one of the most fun things to use in game. For whatever reason in borderlands 3 they suck and are just glorified utility items. Yes I know like 4 are godly. But literally the rest suck on lv50+. But in arms race they are good. Please buff grenades they are weapons not buff items in a wave survival game. I still remember how I had 2 different supper hood grenades in borderlands 2 one was a long bow mirv seeker which was good for long range and another was a bouncing grenade that would seek out enemies and go boom boom boom and then find the next enimey. I’m not apposed to some grenades like the piss grenade being a utility item. I’m apposed to killing fun. Heck I sometimes forget grenades are in the game, slide is a thing and ground slam.


I mainly used grenades in BL3 to activate the anointment.

In the begining, the Recurring Hex grenade was awesome but GB nerfed it real hard. All grenades sucked for a while and Im guessing a youtuber complained about how bad they are so GB buffed a few grenades to be a little better but they are still best for activating the anointment.

Since GB decided this game will revolve around anointments and crippled the rng with them, I lost all interest in this game and haven’t been able to get it back.

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because gearbox employees only play at normal mode

grenades received two global buffs and fastball specifically 2 on top of that and it is still not doing what it is designed for


I mean, Hex is still top-tier in terms of grenades. What you’re complaining about was when the Hex could wipe entire maps by itself with no weapons or skills.

Which sums up community perception to buffs and nerfs, honestly.

But aside from that, more grenades should be viable. But I wouldn’t put them in the same category as sliding (and slam has more utility once you reach the end of the current Guardian Ranks).

I’m not complaining as I no longer play or care about this game.

Although I do visit the forum frequently just to see if any improvements are ever made worthy of playing it again but so far, its a negative.


Oh, right. I guess I should’ve stopped at correcting you on exaggerating the nerf then. Nevermind!

Dude, I’m not going to argue with you but how is it an exaggeration of the nerf? You even said yourself that the Rec Hex could wipe entire maps with no weapons needed but now it may take a few to get a single kill. I’d say thats a pretty hard nerf but you may disagree and thats perfectly ok with me.
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YYYYYYYYYTUUUUUUUPPPPPP. I just wrote this part so I could post.

Because there’s two characters that can regenerate grenades at ungodly rates. Moze in particular can almost get grenades back faster than she can throw them, with the right setup.
It’s a bit of a design dead-end. They either nerf grenade regen to be a lot worse, or have grenades be only worth anything if spammed, or buff them and watch all content be roflstomped by taping down the G key on Zane or Moze.

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pulls up to drive-thru

Me: “uhhhhhh yeah, can I get one nerf to grenade regen and one buff to grenade damage please?”

Gearbox: “Are those going to be small, medium or large?”

Me: “uhhhhh I think both of those are going to be large…”

Gearbox: And will that be all for you today?

Me: can I get a… an order of gun buffs and Zane Green Tree buffs also?

Gearbox: I’m sorry sir, Zane Green Tree buffs were for a limited time only

Me: audibly disappointed oh uhh then I guess just the gun buffs will be fine then

Gearbox: Please pull up to the next drive thru window and we’ll have your order ready for you sometime between now and the release of DLC6


Just replace grenade regen with a different skill.

If I used the blue tree on moze (which I don’t because most grenades and rocket launchers suck) I would rather have more fun grenades to use then unless grenades at the cost of regenerating them less. GEAR BOX REMEMBER BALANCE!= TO FUN IN A PVE GAME. IT’S FINE IF SOME THINGS ARE BROKEN LIKE ALL OF SALVADOR FROM BORDERLANDS 2.

I used blue tree now that I found out plasma coil does splash dmg. Grenades rocket launchers and iron bear still suck.

“Why do grenades suck 99% of the time in this game?”

Because 100% would be too much, even for GBX…? :crazy_face:

Well rocket launchers suck 100% of the time since they can’t be used as a utility item and I just noticed there are no maliwan rocket launchers.

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I never understood how you could shoot someone in the face with a friggin’ rocket launcher and they don’t automatically blow up into tiny pieces. :thinking:

I also never understood why they changed the mechanic for vehicles either. In Borderlands, a vehicle automatically squished enemies (or you, if you were unlucky enough to be on the receiving end). But starting in BL2, enemies began to bounce off of vehicles like they were made of foam rubber or something. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

But yeah, grenades and rocket launchers are not balanced to reflect anything close to real world effects, at least in terms of commiserate damage. How the corporations are still in business selling them is beyond me. :roll_eyes:

Even borderlands the pre sequel had better grenades and rocket launchers then bl3 maybe it has to do with rarity?

  • Level 1 = Common = White
  • Level 2 = Uncommon = Green
  • Level 3 = Rare = Blue
  • Level 4 = Epic = Purple
  • Level 5 = Legendary = Orange
  • Level 6 = E-tech = Magenta
  • Level 7 = Seraph = Pink
  • Level 8 = Pearlescent = Cyan
  • Level 9 = Rainbow = Effervescent
    Bl3 goes up to only 5 and in bl2 legdndairies where rare apparently they nerfed the rates before I started to play but I still get a crap ton of legendaries on mayhem 11 lv 65.

It’s been this way since day one. The amount of grenade types, and how they work and all is amazing. the best they’ve ever done as far as grenade options and utility. But, they do almost zero damage.

I couldn’t wait to get a good Tesla nade in BL3, as they were my favorites in BL2. Fill up the battle field with electric death fields and watch the shield and health bars melt as I mopped everything up. No chance of that EVER happening in BL3. Very disappointing.


It’s possible; although to do it grenades arent the way; i effectively turned my character into a quazar with the void rift shield and a “spark plug pull out method” artifact; getting through trials in sub 5 minute runs without a single bullet


An idea I had for a grenade mod for BL3…

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