Why do i get stunned by galilea even though my shield is up?

Is this meant to be the game?

Yup, you cant block her little shield with your big shield.

For what it’s worth though, we can Boulderdash her out of her ultimate if you push that little puddle towards a wall. So, fair trade?

Honestly she should be able to be hit anyways and the health regen either needs to be nerfed or taken away thats the reason Gal was so hard to kill in the Beta. She would always go in the ground regen health while doing damage and no one can hit her.

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Except for Boldur, he can!

But jokes aside, I agree with you. But I would say the health regen on the ult doesn’t even bother me (note how even Boldurs ult gives hum stupid good health regen) and all tanks can spec into some dumb regen, good design in a game with a shortage of healers.

What bothers me is how it stacks with Her other 100 ways of regenning. Add on a support which,as a tank, she will have: and it’s just too much. And how the ONLY real counter to healing is picking Gal. Which means she is her only counter. Making her a must pick every game. Which is what is anti fun about her.
I agree it needs a nerf.

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Boldur may be able to bring her out by his Boulderdash but unless he gets a bit of a buff in all honesty he generally is one of the worst characters to choose unless you know how to use him extremely well.

He does need a slight damage buff upwards. But besides that, I disagree entirely. There are no bruiser-bullies in the game like him. He is underplayed, I will give you that (in my entire weekend of beta I was the only Boldur I even saw) but he has the best pure tankiness in the game.

His shield being able to be combined with its health regen, and even the option of his shield never running out of blocking potential at lvl 10. And his ability to l run into the enemy sniper point and push people off the ledge into his team with the enemy team LITERALLY unable to stop him gives him some of the best harass in the game.

I will top damage taken and will generally come in top 2 or 3 for damage. Seems balanced. If only slightly low on the damage side. But that’s because of axe toss’ mechanics innate drawback imo.

I think with him being underplayed, your experience is based on seeing people underperform because of their inexperience with him.

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This may be so, but from what i have read on the forums i am not the only one who thinks Boldur needs a buff. Its a pretty common thought.

I am not saying the character in gerneral is bad but i do think he needs a bit of help u make great points and i see where u are coming from, but i guess it does come down to play style and preference.

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I see where you’re coming from as well, and who am I to complain? If I perform well with him, and he gets a buff, I suppose more power to me right? :wink:

Maybe the joy I get from playing him has clouded my vision to inherit weak spots.

Another thing no one ever seems to mention though is that he is the only tank who gets natural health regen, thank the Eldrid gods! And as a dwarf, for his size he is remarkably tanky. Small targets generally aren’t so tough!

I’ll stop now, I’m just excited to get my hands on the game!

[quote=“crazycoolmigit, post:11, topic:1369681, full:true”]
Another thing no one ever seems to mention though is that he is the only tank who gets natural health regen[/quote]

Kelvin is a tank with health regen as well

I stand entirely corrected.

I often forget about Kelvins existence! My mistake!

Hey its alright to fanboy out we are all excited about the game and curious to see the final product.

Boldur and Kelvin are my least fav followed by Gal cause shes broken beyond belief but i feel secure about the pre order and hope that they nerf her enough that she has more weaknesses and you know maybe make her shield recharge slower cause that stun is annoying

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Kelvin and Gal are not tanks, by classification only ISIC and Boldur are tanks (two characters with 2000hp shields) which is kind of odd but its the only thing they have in common. Boldurs damage is one thing that does not need a buff, it gets pretty good with multiple augments for it.
His skills could use a tweak. (boldurdash is buggy and difficult to use and axe toss kinda stinks) His lack of wave clear really makes it hard to level him so hes behind most of the game unless hes super aggressive. I tend to compare gali and boldur a lot because of many existing similarities. She throws her offhand and he throws his mainhand except hers does more damage and has a super stun, while the axe can helix to slow/bleed. Even with his ultimate, shield throw is better. Hes got more HP but shes got shield, a point of shield is worth 2 points of hp easily as far as sustain goes.
Should be able to block a shield toss but that only matters for so few characters anyways.