Why do I keep dying? (Gaurdian takedown)

So I’m killing stuff at the second crystal charging point and then the screen starts shaking and poof, respawn.
Happens every time

It’s kind of a dps check. You’re supposed to stand on them for a while and trigger them one after the other. Keep enemies out of it as they will inrerrupt the cristal’s charge if they get inside the area. Repeat that will all 3 of them and do it quick or everything just blows up and you’ll restart.

That’s how I understood it.

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You cant stand on one till its done and leave the others. I think they blow up if they have no energy in them.
I was topping them up before they got low and then went back to the main one I was charging.
Hope this helps


Welp, I’m poor now. Went from >$99,999,999 to a few pennies.
Chain Zane with m10 redistributor can’t get through the time limit on m7 solo.
I think it needs co-op to achieve

Problem isn’t your DPS or bullet sponginess.

It’s that enemies spawn too rapidly for a single player to cope with; you can clear the whole screen with a single shot but it doesn’t matter. Before you can blink there will be 10 more Guardians on top of you stopping the charge process.

I learned this playing scaled M1 with M10 gear; I could one-shot everything, but this part still took longer than the entire rest of the raid. Stuff just spawns too fast.

Much easier on co-op. Bring a Gamma Flak along for the run.

Move between them to keep them semi-charged… stand on one, get it sorta charged up, move to another, get a little charge in that one, etc. As long as one doesn’t completely drain they won’t explode. Eventually you’ll be able to just top them off one by one.

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Tried that. The first one i charged half way then on to the next and by the time i got back to the first again it was empty. Then i died again. I can’t even buy heavy ammo now…

I found it’s easier to get at least one fully charged before going to the others. Once they’re done you don’t have to worry about them. Trick is doing enough damage to keep the guardians at bay.

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charge the first one full.

Then move to the next get that down to one shard floating. move to the 3rd and do the same.

Back to the 2nd and finish it off then to the 3rd to close it out.

you gotta keep it blue, cutpurse launchpad is your friend. use it liberally.

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Yep I’ve started doing this too. I was initially gritting my teeth worrying about the other two crystals but if you’re able to hold off the guardians efficiently (and yep that’s the whole trick) the other two won’t have had enough time to drain to danger levels before you can move on to them.

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I appeared to me that the guardian spawns may be triggered by standing at a crystal. I found that starting on either the left or right would trigger the spawn portals closest to it. By shooting them just as they spawn from the portal kept most at bay. Occasionally a couple would get behind me or come from another direction but could be cleared without jeopardizing the charge . Then moving to the next crystal in line seemed to keep most guardians coming from the direction of the next portal. I came away from it feeling like the guardians are more concentrated when taking one crystal at a time. You just need to see which portals open as soon as you get on the square and then shoot as many of the guardians as you can before they move very far from it. It does eat up a bunch of ammo.

Yup. every time you step on one, additional portals open. So if you can get the first one full without any delays, that is optimal.