Why do I need the hotfix

So that everything is anointed on m10? This was put in the game over 6 months ago how is it not in the patches? Why is this not just how the game is now?

Notice that too. I think is for metadata collect.

What does that mean?

He means they spy with their little eyes :eye:

Right but like what are they collecting that they can’t apply this simple change??

IF Jeffwillburn hypothesis is correct, it is not that they can’t, but they are using hotfixing to collect data on anoints usage

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That doesn’t make any sense to me. If they want to know anoint usage they can just see what weapons are being used with what anoints. It makes zero sense to just apply the “always anointed” thing with the hotfix.

Not to mention the game is WAY beyond where it was when this changed was introduced. What is the point of collecting this data? Obviously anyone playing at m10 is going to be running around with everything anointed that can be anointed. You literally cannot play m10 without them.

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:man_shrugging: at this point it s pretty much anyone guess why GB do the weird things they do.


What I mean is we need to apply hotfixes to play the game. Most of players don’t turn off their connexion after hotfixes and play.
That may help to collect informations and stats in order to do new balances.
This is probably the reason why Zane’s skills have been modified or some guns buffed after analysis. I remember a Borderlands show where Gearbox was able to count how manu times Wotan has been killed.

Because anointments are still an idea they added to fix an other problem is my guess.

I like to believe they are still testing a lot of things…
Like the weapon buffs. I have a masher clairvoyance with 300/90 anointment so it only works half the time :joy: when ever it doesn’t, it still feels powerful enough (I could farm for a 100% cryo anointment but that one felt like overkill previous levelcap)

It’s taking for ever for them to finish/polish the game but at least they doing something (however painstakingly sloooooow)