Why do I prefer the older Borderlands games v BL3?

I’ve gone back to Borderlands 1, 2, and even The PreSequel, Borderlands 3 just doesn’t hold me like the old games did/still do.
Idk what it is about BL3, I beat it with all characters, maxed all characters, put so much time into it and had a blast BUT looking at my Xbox home screen I’d load up any of the previous three titles before BL3.
I can’t figure out what’s missing with BL3 and why it didn’t grab me like the others.
We can take the PreSequel out of the equation bc I think everyone sees it for what it is but I put 1,000s of hours in BL1 and 1,000s into BL2 but only 100s in BL3; with all the good stuff and improvements BL3 has brought why is it last on my list? Is it just me?

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  • There’s always rose-tinted glasses, where you love things you have nostalgia for. Especially from before you were an adult.
  • And it could be just that you played BL3 a lot recently, so you’re burnt out. Like personally I burnt myself out on BL2 a long time ago, and now I play other games like Warframe. But on occasion I’ll get the urge to play BL2 for a bit, and I (at least momentarily) find myself enjoying BL2 more than my other games.

And from the outside looking in, Gearbox went a little too far with making the game easier/scale “better”. While mayhem scaling is good and way better than the horrendous state that BL2 left stuff like Deathtrap, Helios, Backdraft, etc… in, it was too much IMO. Stuff like Iron Bear, Ties that Bind, Digi-Clone, Skag Den, etc… kinda break the game’s balance… without really investing in them. Like personally I enjoy being OP and demolishing games… but I want to work for it. “What’s the point of a min/max’d build when a gearless Moze can to more damage with a single Railgun shot?”

This also sounds like you enjoy the grind aspect, so BL3’s “golden shower” is too good keep you preoccupied. (Personally I kinda dislike RNG systems like Borderlands, but thankfully I’m on PC.)

Your hours could also just be… life. I know I have much less time to put into games compared to when I was is school. (And you may have gained more experience and/or refined your expectations over those years too.)

Soooo much memories and nostalgia like launching your buddy and yourself with sledges shot gun and getting ur first legendary and knowing the games like the back of ur hand


For me, as I said after 8 months of playing BL3, it in the end is too “easy” for some value of ease.

The legendary rainfall is part of it, as well as the skills. I have guns and minions in BL3 that basically play the game for me. When DLC 4 dropped, I played through it without me firing a single shot, my clone and drone did all the killing, which is kinda sad.

Replay value is also not good for me. Not interesting since it’s basically just running through everything as they die. I can (and do) replay 1 and 2 all the time. The easy killing is part of that, there is no challenge of How can I do this section a little bit better this time? BL1 and 2 are still a challenge to get incrementally better.

So I play BL-early-versions. Still have loads of fun doing so.

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Thx for all the replies.
I just feel even with ALL the improvements BL3 brings v the older games that it’s still missing something when compared to the other games.
And yes life dictates a lot so maybe the hours comparison isn’t accurate; I think it might’ve been better to say that if I had 1,000 hrs to invest in a game BL3 would be last on the list.
I feel like something’s missing with 3, I don’t guess I have the words for it, I just feel it.

I am beating a dead horse but, it’s missing the novelty.

BL1 was a new combination of concepts.

BL2 took the original and completely reworked the feel of the game play and added a more engaging story aspect with a lot more voice acting and character interactions thanks to adding a bunch of NPCs central to the plot.

And after that the formula for the stories was set. The flaws of BL3 are the same as the flaws of TPS, the long bits of story where NPCs tell you things and you can’t skip them or progress until they happen. The one-time boss encounters at launch and lack of dedicated drops. The endgame that lacks variety and relies on game modifiers to vary the experience (Mutator Arena offered 10 levels of difficulty and a variety of modifiers, it was basically Mayhem Mode, but limited to an arena).

So I think TPS and BL3 both suffered because they have both been more of the same, with updated mechanics and graphics. Since I am waiting to get it, the impression I am getting about Wonderlands is it has the same issue, a few new things as far as game play mechanics, a new story in a familiar setting, and a different spin on the endgame that isn’t really too different after all. There’s nothing new to spice if up, so the original games are better at scratching that itch than the attempts to tweak it that missed the mark in certain ways.

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Well said. I feel the same about Wonderlands as well. I’ve been hesitant towards it for the same reasons and I don’t feel what it brings warrants a $60+ price tag. I’m disappointed bc Wonderlands, imo, feels like it shldve been dlc for BL3 and gearbox made a choice at some point to instead release it as another game - similar to how TPS felt like it could’ve been dlc for BL2.
It’s the first time I’ve not purchased a Borderlands game on day 1 and that says a lot to me. I think I just don’t want to accept the death of the franchise or at least that the ship’s sinking and I’m the guy with a laddle, scooping water saying/hoping everything will be ok lol.

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