Why do I suck so badly?

Hi. As you can tell from the title, I am pretty bad at Battleborn. So far I have “mastered” Marquis and Miko, brought El Dragon to rank 15 (I ain’t grinding the stupid lore until they change it), tried Attikus, Boldur, and Galilea and failed miserably with each. With the first three, I can be decent at best, due to all the practice, but I am usually just a burden on my team. I’ve been trying to use Caldarius for the past couple of days after being very thoroughly owned by one, and you guessed it, I’m an idiot with him. The formula usually goes like this: I enter a match, get totally annihilated by a hero, think ‘hum, this hero must be pretty good’, try the hero, suck hard, practice in pve and then pvp, suck harder, practice more, try different things, rank up to 15, still get stomped hard regularly. I look at guides, they say do this, I try do do that, I die. The only way I win games is if I have competent teammates who would have won without me anyway, and then I just tag along.
The problems I usually run into are: too many things on the screen, not being able to keep up with what’s going on, not being able to look at what I’m doing and at the minimap at the same time, accidentally charging into walls, getting stuck between players or minions, ult won’t fire, skills go on cooldown without actually activating when I use them; and if somebody agile (like Melka) starts strafing around me, I’m dead, for I can’t seem to follow their movement.
So there seem to be only two possibilities. I am an idiot. Or I am extremely bad at this game and can never get better. Knowing that either of these two options has to be true hurts, it hurts immensely. Knowing that I ruin the fun of four other people every time I go into pvp exacerbates this feeling.
I am regretting buying Battleborn. It’s a great game, an excellent concept, somewhat shoddy execution but very fun nonetheless. Apparently it’s not the game that’s the problem, I’m the problem.

Sorry for the self-pitying rant.


You and me both. But then, after like 30 PVP games with Toby, I get some fluke game where I land nothing but headshots, my defensive strategies all worked, I got a massive kill streak and ended up the second highest score on the team with the most objective points. It hasn’t happened since, but I know I’ve got that kind of skill in me somewhere if I can just practice enough to make it happen more frequently.


Are you dying a lot or just not getting kills? or both?

edit: and what game mode?

I can relate your problem entirely to my beginning SSF4. For a whole week I absolutely sucked at that game, to the point of rage quitting and walking away. It was all the more better when I finally found my character and learned him, and once I got my first win, that was great.

My advice would be to not worry about being a burden to others, odds are you aren’t the only problem, and very few people will despise you for lacking. They’re too busy trying to do what’s best for their team, and not fail. I pretty much guarantee they never blame you for a loss.

Don’t feel self-pity and whine, it only gives you unwarranted stress, guilt, and sadness. It’s stupid to be saddened by a game, do something else until you feel better, then get back to learning the game. Besides, its just a stupid game, either play because you have fun, or don’t play it until you are able to play to have fun. Stupid games don’t warrant feelings of inferiority, in the long run, they really mean nothing.


Anyone who’s having this problem feel free to add me on Xbox, Alpacadude01, and send me a message saying you’re from the forums. (I won’t add you back if I don’t get a message)

I can try my best to help out, but I can also assure you that reading guides do help. You really need to thoroughly read them and I can show you what they explain, to the best of my ability.

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The great thing about BB is in Meltdown and Incursion you can contribute in a big way without getting kills. Just focus on getting shards, building turrets, killing minions, and staying alive. Play OM, Thorn, or Orendi. These are easy characters to use that make a huge difference. Use their wave clear on minions to push and get control; when you get about half heath or so fall back. You could get zero kills, but if you get all the shards, build all the turrets, and kill all the minions you’re effecting the game in a big way. Orendi and Thorn have amazing burst damage that can net you some easy kills once you get the hang of them as well.


Great Reply Above.
The Game Scores KILLS way, way too high over other stats that get collected…

5 very skilled players VS. 5 people working together…
Teamwork wins the vast majority of the time.

My advice: Know the Game Mode, Know the Characters + and - , learn when to fight, when to run.
some 1v1s you can win. 2v1 rarely.

Know where your Fighting.
AoE under foot, standing next to enemy Turret…

Sorry, Meant to be More organized.
Really think about Helix, your Play style, and your Gear choices.
Example: Lack Surviabilty…trade off Damage for Health. OR Play Safer.

The entire premise of the Game is Choice. All up to you to find and Make YOUR play style with what they provided :slight_smile:

Try to have Fun, When you know your helping the Team, be Proud. You’ll never get thanked for it But that ACCELARATOR being maxed out can Effect the game ALOT.


When it comes to pure PVP shootouts in Battleborn, the big one for me was knowing when to bail.

Players are generally a lot more lethal than computer-controlled Thrall mooks in PVE.

Don’t over-commit to getting the kill. Sometimes chasing them off is just as effective. I still haven’t learned that.

When you do pursue, be ready to adjust fire in three dimensions. Lots of people in this game bounce around like they’re on trampolines.

Fall back to your friends. When a friend falls back to you, shoot at whoever is chasing them.

Don’t press a bad engagement angle. You don’t have to fire on a foe every single time you see them. They may not yet see you, so work to a position where you have greater escape options and they have fewer.

Practice backing up while facing the foe. Practice going around corners while moving backwards.

I’m not the best at PVP by a long stretch, but these are things I’ve figured out to be valuable both by talking with PVP aces and just observing them, whether allies or enemies.


not to start an argument but thats probably why people went to overwatch more because its easier to get into and from what ive played of the beta its pretty easy to kill someone with basically any character. i just want battleborn to have lots of players and i feel like overwatch took alot of people away. but yea OP learn the characters + and - and change your tactics according to how you play them and be smart about your gear

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Dude. You sound exactly, I mean EXACTLY like me. Right down to the, I should try that guy syndrome.

First off, here is a thread with some very basic tips.

Secondly, the thing to know about Battleborn is that every character can be great (ok, maybe some a little more great than others). The trick is to find one that works FOR YOU and the way you play.

I urge you to keep trying different things. One of the first characters that started to click for me was Kelvin, because he’s tanky, he has great AoE (so you don’t have to be perfect at keeping track of enemies) and because he has excellent escapability if you get into trouble. For you it might be someone else, and there’s a good chance it will be someone you don’t think you will like.

Thirdly, once you start to have a feel for a couple of characters, go back and revisit characters you tried previously. You will probably discover that they feel different now because your skills have grown.


2 of the 3 you mentioned (Marquis and El Dragon) are fairly tricky to use in PVP. I’m not great at the game myself but I’ve gotten a lot better. You might try using someone that’s very basic and more friendly to new players like Rath but you gotta be very aware regardless of who you’re using of location and situation. I’ve improved over the past few days with Caldarius based on a tip a buddy gave me about gear. Sometimes it’s just a little tweak here or there that helps. You can add me if you’re on PS4 if you want and I’ll try to help. I’miss working on getting better myself.

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When I first played this game, I was a great Miko. Then release, I wasn’t even getting many assists. Tried Orendi, and I began to do a tad better. Got her to 15, and tried a melee. I hate melees. Having to be in the battle. Ugh. Then I tried Phoebe. I’m able to pull off things I never thought possible and my heart is racing after it. It’s really about finding your character. You really seem willing to give it your all, so I’d recommend giving the other 20ish characters a spin. Once in PVE, once in private, then once in a real match. It’ll take a lil while, but chances are you’ll find them pretty quick. And it’s usually someone you’d never suspect. And it’s certainly worth it. Every character plays differently, and more fun than the last.


I believe there is a school of sorts here in the forums. I don’t remember the details, so hopefully someone who knows more about it can explain it to you.

Most of what you mentioned here can be attributed to a lack of situational awareness. Try to know where on the map you, your allies, and your enemies are at all times, and look up at the minimap when you are close to corners or have an enemy behind you. This will help with backing up into an ally or getting flanked by an enemy. Map awareness is really important for Marquis as you literally have tunnel vision while zoomed in. You don’t have to constantly be looking back and forth between the game and the map, but just try to glance up at it every once in a while.

As for ults not firing or skills going on cooldown, I’m not sure what you mean by that, but if you are hit with a stun, knock up, pull, silence, etc. your skill will go on cooldown as if you had used it. Also, your alternate attack button will cancel your skills (without putting them on cooldown) if you miss an opportunity or accidentally pressed a key or button.

There is a lot more info I could go on about, but it takes a while for me to organize my thoughts into paragraphs. Hopefully someone else will expand on what I’ve said.

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First and foremost, If you are on PS4 and need some tips, feel free to add me PSN: Timocracy.

Second and second most, there are a ton of other people who want to help newer players learn, you can find them here:

As for basic tips, everyone else has provided some really solid advice. :slight_smile:

I’ll just give you this: don’t get discouraged, and don’t feel like a burden. This is a tough game to pick up, and we’ve all been there. :slight_smile:


Great timing.

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Ha! :slight_smile:

Any game mode. I generally don’t make it a point to go after kills, but if I get attacked, I usually die. It’s like everyone that attacks me does 5x normal damage while I always barely scratch them.

Very rational, thank you for your thoughts. It is true what you said, all of it, and I will try to take your advice as much as I can.

That does happen often enough. However, at the time of writing my post, I was playing Caldarius, and my ult got cancelled 3-4 times for no reason. I’d hit F, he’d fly up, then suddenly appear back on the ground with the skill on cd. Maybe somebody CC-ed me while I was up there, but I never saw it.

I haven’t mentioned that I’m on PC.

Thanks to everyone for the helpful posts. I’ll stick with it and try harder.

If you hit something on the way up it cancels

Caldarius can be hard if you haven’t alrdy mastered positioning