Why do I suck with Deande

So I’ve been wanting to play with Deande after learning what her ability is, and finally was able to play her today. I usually main Reyna and Shayne & Aurox, but today I’ve sucked with Deande so far. I almost only get assists, die a lot, and overall just do pretty ■■■■■■. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong, does anybody have any tips?

What level do you unlock the juggling mutation btw?

Your stealth should be used as an escape tool unless you can be 100000000% assured you can get a kill from it. Try and assassinate full health characters as if you were Shane and you will have a bad time. Shane and aurox are brawlers with stealth, they hurt bad in an aoe and are totally capable of getting in and out while doing damage and taking some damage and deande is not. She is squishy and meant to capitalize on their mistakes not create opportunities. Be defensive, be patient, then destroy those who mess up or decide to stick around with low health and not tp back to base. While they are both stealthy they play VERY differently. Oh, and if you use your stealth with the helix that makes you go farther, it can be used to extend jumps. Your clone continues to fall as if you were still falling while you essentially “double jump” to safety


Deande is difficult to play as but can be very rewarding at times. Her ability to chose who and when to fight is really great. Don’t initiate with the stealth, it’s better as an escape and can finish the job sometimes. Also always take the aoe at lvl 1 and always throw your fans (they phase through allies). I haven’t played either Reyna or S&A so i cant tell if they play the same. The juggling mutation is unlocked at lvl 3/5. Only use her ult in a team fight or stealth then use it (it works with ledges).I fight against Rath like this:
"Initiate by jumping on Rath with your melee and get some hits on. Use your aoe and then back off while throwing fans. When Rath ults use the decoy and then run move around for the ult."
Hope thaat can tell you how she plays and her fighting tempo. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, after two games was able to improve drastically lol, I also unlocked the mutation finally so that helps a lot.

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As a Deande main I can say that this is bad advice, and all of the bad Deande players I’ve come across this skill. It has drastically reduced damage and is easily avoidable, the damage tick is so low that you can back away after one tick and prepare for Deande to finish her attack. The basic Burst Dash is exponentially better, you will be able to direct your attack and deal large damage in a single hit that is great for both initiating (With the secondary effect of “weakening” enemies) and as a finisher on an already weak enemy. All the AoE is really good for is clearing minion waves which isn’t your job as Deande, or PvE.

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I didn’t know the Aoe did less damage. I never really tried the normal dash besides my first try, Ill give it another go. Thnx

Since I´have not unlocked Deande yet I cannot give you any helpfull tips as the others did, but I just wanted to say that with 30 charactes its no shame at all if you can´t play some better than others.

I SUCK with Thorn & Galilea. Seeing all topics related to them in the forums how OP and great they are made me feel bad, but wtf I´m still a great Orendi! :smiley:

I hope you get the drift on Deande so you can feel great while playing a char you love, just don´t feel to bad if not :heart:


because Deande is unfortunately garbage. there is no reason to play her until she gets some buffs

That’s just not true. She fulfills her role perfectly and its to pick off weaklings and assure kills cause she is an assassin. I’ve said this before but she isn’t meant to 1v1 or take someone 100-0 she is meant to pick off those who stay too long or a healer sitting in the back of the pack. Disruption, chaos, and picking off those who are weak are what make deande good. Marquis and Toby are deande fodder, tasty meals ready to be taken unaware. Brawling? 1v1s? Clearing lots of minions? You picked he wrong character for that if you pick deande.


Phoebe and Rath can do everything you just mentioned and 1v1, taking someone from 100 to 0. There is no reason to play Deande over any other assassin. In terms of team fight, Phoebe has an AOE slow, does way more damage and can box weaklings and tanks alike. The only things Deande is good at is dying and hurting the team dynamic by not being able to compete with other assassin’s.

Wait till you see someone who knows how to play her. She is intended to do things they can’t. Utilize her stealth get in and out and no, rath and phoebe can’t do that like she can. Rath can run in and attack same with phoebe, deande can stealth in behind and pick off back liners from behind without ever being seen prior to the attack, she can get people out of position before they even know she is there. Phoebe and rath are both glass cannon style assassins. Get in their face and smash it in and just do so much damage so fast they can’t help but die. Deande gets you from behind and kills you without you knowing it’s coming. She can knock snipers off their peaches without risking getting seen or caught on the way. She can stun a whole team while the rest of your team rocks them. She has a clone that can be used for the most amazing deceptions this game has to offer. Rath and phoebe have NONE of these utilities. These are why she shines. Not because she can swing her sword real hard but cause you won’t even see her fans coming when they get you. If you learn to play her like she is intended to and stop trying to compare her to people who have COMPLETELY different play styles maybe you will figure out how valuable she actually can be for a team.

And the knock up and slow from phoebe and rath don’t even cut it. Not close. That’s one disruption vs an entire kit of utility


Also, I love how everyone is like “No! Deande is an opportunistic assassin! she waits and picks off the weaklings with low health!” which is hilarious because its like saying the only way she is useful is when she is kill stealing.


In this game only 2 people have a right to complain about kill stealing. Kelvin and el dragon. They need the stacks, otherwise securing the kill is much more important than who secures it. So, if you have a problem with people making sure someone dies then you may be playing the wrong game. What deande SHOULD be doing is picking off all the weak people who you didn’t kill in back row cause they ran away and are now sniping you? Total kill steal. Right? How about a miko who is hiding behind a Montana healing him and he is close to dead but can’t get through Montana so deande sneaks around and takes him? Total kills steal. Marquis posted up high with half health thinking he is safe in paradise cliffs so deande sneaks and takes him down? Total kill steal. Even if she comes in late to a fight and ends up last hitting most of the enemies in the other team I wouldn’t be mad cause she is too squishy to be in the thick of it and actually runs amazing clean up duty when people relax and think they are safe. That’s her role, picking off those people that otherwise are frustrating to get cause the frontline is in the way like they should be. Almost no one else can do that without having issues cause trying to get to them is asking to be focused but deande CAN do that. And a good one will and it is so helpful.

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what are you talking about?! Phoebe literally blinks in and out of back lines picking people off. she can blink up into sniper nests kill the sniper and blink out like nothing ever happened, not to mention she slows everyone close to her in the process. so does rath, he leaps into the back lines, poping up and silencing an enemy, makes a kill and leaps out. Deande’s cooldowns are so long, its impossible to escape once you stealth in. also, Deande has almost no kill potential, so the only thing she can really do is shift enemies out of position because as you said, shes only good at killing enemies with low health. good luck getting up into that sniper nest only to miss burst dash because of that 400 frame wind up. meanwhile every other assassin removes enemies by killing them quickly and cleanly. Deande is terrible. its ok, it just means she will get buffed.

Just wait till you see one. Maybe one day you will understand how underrated she is. Till then I’ll just keep watching good Deandes do there thing and people continue to assume she even fills the same role as rath and phoebe. (She doesn’t)


thats funny, every situation you just described is A) not a kill steal and B) Phoebe can do it better. A kill steal is when you are about to kill an enemy and someone else swoops in for the last hit. Low health Miko hiding behind Montana? Phoebe blinks in, slows both of them, ults and kills both Miko AND Montana than blinks out. Deande might be able to stealth in and kill Miko but then she will probably die from Montana because all of her skills are now on cool down and she is a sitting duck. Same thing with Marquis. A ‘good’ Deande still doesn’t benefit her team half as much as a mediocre Phoebe or Rath.

a) that was the point, what she excels at is not kill steals but those situations. B) a good team will eat phoebe for lunch doing that. Her blink doesn’t go far enough nor have a quick enough cool down to get there without the enemy team seeing you and turning around to deal with you. She can take on a few opportunities but a phoebe or rath BEHIND the enemy frontline is asking for death. That’s why stealth is such an amazing mechanic and the clone placed right can fool them into thinking you are still in lane.

Again, when you see a good deande you will understand the comparisons you are making aren’t fair because she fills a completely different role. At this point I hope you see an enemy deande and she eats your team for lunch like she totally can. Then you can come back and say your right she isn’t even meant to be played like EITHER of the two people we keep trying to compare her to.

You can’t convince everyone, just keep playing and if they don’t believe you then prove Deande’s worth on the battlefield :wink:

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Can Pheobe poke around and help contribute while still staying safe? Deande is a master at choosing when and who to fight. Pheobe’s only ranged capabilities is one skill that has bad range and damage while Deande is able to poke players and then finish them off really easily.

It is reduced but not drastically, and it is beneficial if they like to group up in the back or up front. This style is more supportive assassin for causing the reduced damage. However if someone is playing supportive assassin, most players do not play that properly either by being too aggressive.

You have to be adaptive. Yes your stated style of Deande works for the clean up and killing weaklings, however if you do not have the proper team composition. This style may get you a decent “score.” But you may lose the objective game this way and eventually the game. If you are a main of a character, you should be able to play that character multiple ways.