Why do identity thieves spawn in the arena?

To be honest the novelty wears off pretty goddamn fast with flying, invisible enemies who don’t even seek you out, nothing works on them when they hide (not aspis bounce, not volatile bits, not transfusion globs, nothing), and only appear when they deem you worthy for a blinding flash in the face - but to spawn these guys in the arena where you have to clear every enemy out to progress…I’m baffled to say the least

Anyway, is there something that works against these guys? I’m thinking maybe a cryophobia with all the explosions but a legendary rocket seems a bit much




I just shoot them whenever i see them, but focus on the real enemys at the time. They’re annoying, but explosions kill them fairly well.

1 like isn’t enough for this tip, thanks. Don’t know why it didn’t occur to me.

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I’ve found a shotgun works pretty well. Just aim in the direction of the red dot on your radar, and adjust for height depending on whether or not the dot has an arrow. I have a Striker that is very useful for that. I just don’t like them on Vampire mode.

How about homing grenades?

edit: Also some action skills and skills are good at dealing with flying jerks.

I’m assuming that if transfusion globs don’t home in on them, neither will regular homing nades, but I haven’t tried it.