Why do Marquis bullets not land much of the time?

Even when I am shooting minions, thralls, or players point blank, or when they are not moving, the bullets seem to “phase” through the target. This only happens with Marquis. I was standing there shooting a thrall point blank and no damage was registering.

Because of this weird clipping issue with him, I pretty much stop playing him.

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Ive had this issue since day one PVE, I noticed that if the enemy’s name didn’t appear above it’s head when aiming down scope it wouldn’t register damage.


Does not only happen with Marquis, I’ve noticed it with Ghalt too and honestly suspect it’s happening with… everyone, actually.

They have a travel time because they are a projectile.

However, it does seem like their are hit detection problems as well.

I think it adds an air of chance to playing Marquis.

There’s nothing like being zoomed in on a standing still Montana and having to wonder if the bullet you so carefully are aiming at his barn sized chest is actually going to hit.

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