Why do matches even start when the game detect someone left before we choose characters?

As title says, WHY do the match start when the game is already aware that someone left because of connection issue ?
I know there are chances this person will log back in in time, but is it really worth the risk ?
Wouldn’t it be better to be put back in matchmaking instead of having a potentially free lost match ?


Isn’t it corrected ? I played Incursion and probably meltdown too, a player disconnected during player selection, it looked like the map was charging and then it stopped saying “Disconnected, not enough players too start the match” or something like that. It happened to me a few times…

PS : on a joué un match ensemble hier il me semble, ou ce matin très tôt ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think they corrected that.
(I don’t remember :p)

to my knowledge it hasnt been corrected yet, but it is something that i think needs to be fixed.

It doesn’t end the match unless there are 2 or more players disconnected.

for whatever reason they allow you to play 4v5. if two drop, i think it will dc the game.

It will occasionally do as you said but most of the time it starts the match anyways.

Or maybe it was two players and I didn’t noticed …?

Yeah they should correct that, I’m so lucky, most of the time if someone disconnects it’s in my team, and I attract new players but play a lot against highest ranked players and get wrecked >< So when it’s 4v5 it’s completely unplayable :s