Why do people exaggerate what is needed to fix Iron bear?

I dont get it . I really dont , and I made an account just so i can post this in here .

I don’t know what game you guys have been playing , but Iron Bear KILLS it in Normal mode and I’m almost done with TVHM and hes killing it there too.

I use just the rocket pods. No augments . 5 points in stainless stell bear and 3 points in the one that returns fuel on kill. I also have the shield from the SOR tree. But that’s it. 8 points into an action skill is minimal by BL standards.

Even badass and annointed enemies I can easily destroy by standing in front of them and blasting them with my rockets. If none of those enemies I can mow down a dozen enemies or more in one cycle .

Now let me clarify a few things:

  1. I’m specced heavily all the way into the Demoliton woman tree. Do those skills that affect Iron Bear secretly ? I ask because most only mention moze , but guess what? Fire in the skag den sure as hell procs with IBs splash damage. Wonder if my IB feels strong because I specced into that tree and only use rocket pods?

  2. besides rocket pods and grenades , the other IB weapons feel weaker. So maybe they need a buff to bring it up to those two.

Now I know what every one is thinking: we are talking about IB in Mayhem modes being useless, and yes by mayhem modes I have to agree, both damage wise and especially armor. He gets destroyed in seconds. But I just wanted to clarify that in normal and TVHM iron bear , at least with me, is a beast.

Sp to fix the Mayhem mode issues ? Why not just have a base armor and damage multiplier ? So for example mayhem 1 multiple IBs base armor and damage by say 3x, mayhem 2, 4x and on Mayhem 3 use a 5x multiplier.

Dont know about you but IB with 5 times the damage and armor seems plenty strong to me, even in mayhem 3.

Besides which does anyone actually play the story campaign on mayhem with the random annoying variables ? Do you really like playing a map where some of your bullets get randomly reflected back at you for no reason? I suspect 99.99999% of us use mayhem to farm items, seems silly to change entire characters to accommodate such a narrow niche, just use a base multiplier buff to action skills and call it a day .

Honestly it just seems so simple to me to balance IB



Don’t write a novel if you don’t know what you are talking about.
IB literally does ZERO damage and dies in < 5 sec on TVHM M3


Dude … I know he sucks in mayhem mode. I said that over and over in my post and offered easy solution to that . And yes I’m on the last planet in TVHM… I’ve beaten the game before. What is left in nornal TVHM from that point to the last boss that could possibly change my mind and have me call IB trash ? Why are you talking about TVHM and Mayhem mode like they are one mode ? They are totally separate and I was speaking about finishing the campaign in normal TVHM mode

Yes, he is terrible in mayhem mode . But I specifically said that in my post and not disputing that, just disputing that we need anything more than a simple dps ans armor multiplier in those modes and that’s it


It is a fine solution, but I’d rather have it scale off your gear instead.

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Sure I just dont know how thay would work exactly ? Like equipped gear ? What if you have something with weak dps but a strong elemental chance or some other effect not directly tied to direct damage ? Would I have to keep equipped my very best weapons at all times to make sure IB is strong?


It’s in your interest anyway.

In a game with thousands of guns I often have a mix of weapons in quick select just to enjoy the game and try them out. Having thr keep only the 4 best equipped at all times to max out Ib sounds like it will really make the game boring and repetitive? I dont know man .

Let me as you this : what do you think of Iron Bears balance in normal mode ?


i quickly realised when leveling moze that IB were nowhere close to what she could do outside the mech i stopped using it for that fact alone. i also feel like they both cancel eachother. it feels like they have no syenergy apart from perhaps a class mod perk like less fuel spent and longer duration.

if her action skill make her deal less damage and seem to die to almost nothing (can only speak for mayhem mode) i ask myself the question, why should i use it?

i do want to use it though, i wish i could make a build that is about her mech instead of spending 100% of the time outside of it. the only time i actually use it anymore is to activate a perk from annoited gear, but it feels so silly to call it in only to jump out asap so i’ve stopped doing that aswell, unless i really need that extra perk activation.


Then don’t start a topic about “WHY DO PEOPLE EXAGGERATE”
If you don’t play endgame then just shush



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tell me if this sounds stupid, or wrong…

why are people complaining about nerfs to any class or gear when yo u can easily run around in normal mode even before TVHM at level 50 and melee everything to death. you have bottomless ammo builds and never die builds but why? on normal mode you take like NO damage and can use white guns to kill everything with ease. this game is a joke its so easy.

if you cant see whats wrong with what i just wrote then there is NO helping you understand why you are clearly wrong with what your wrote.

I’m so confused when people say IB wasn’t good in normal mode leveling . I honestly dont get it. In normal mode in my first play thru I couldn’t get **** done without IB. My strategy was to survive long enough with moze just to get IB , clean house , then repeat again during the cooldown . Moze , if anything , was an after thought. She only became viable after I beat the game and farmed Chubacabratch a few dozen times to get some legendaries and from then on she felt as good as IB .

I wonder did people like you just try IB once and gave up? I’m telling you man in normal mode it’s a killer , I used just rocket pods with no augments and it makes me so confused to hear people like you say he sucked in normal mode ?

You barely get any loot on Normal or TVHM

This makes no sense at all. So you are saying we need to balance everything and anything towards farming Mayhem modes and nothing else ? I specifically broke out IB balancing based on normal , TVHM, and Mayhem modes. I think it’s more than fair to give as much weight to TvHM as mayhem modes .

I have no idea what point you are trying to make. Are you saying IB is OP on normal mode ? I don’t get your point or what that has to do with anything anyone is saying on here

Her shield of retribution skill tree have so many gun damage stacking perks that i literally once shot everything. i had many good world drop legendaries through out my leveling process aswell. IB may be pretty decent in normal mode, it still didn’t come close to any the legendaries i had and all the gun damage stacking skills.

I don’t know if I’m interpreting correctly but if we’re meant to farm in Mayhem and switch back to normal mode (when normal mode is already easy), I misunderstood this game entirely for years.

I think skills ought to be balanced for mayhem. Normal is easy now, who cares if it’s even easier?

Well what about UVHM if it gets introduced? Would you honestly play the entire campaign again in mayhem mode with the random annoying modifiers? I replayed BL2 story on UVHM a dozen times , it’s where my most fun was had

ok let me ask this, do you farm gear in normal or tvhm? mayhem 1/2/3? maybe this answer will help people explain to you why you are wrong.

The average forum user, commenting on Iron Bear in TVHM Mayhem 3.