Why do people hate the Woodblocker?

I happen to love this gun but it seems to have become a meme in itself and a way to describe bum drop rates despite it’s potential for high damage.
Why is this?

Snipers in general are just not in a good place right now. Although it can be done, there’s not any great builds for snipers either. Just completely out classed. If a sniper is going to take up a slot it should probably be a Lyuda.


Them and assault rifles both, still when compared to the lyuda it certainly doesn’t seem lacking outside of boss melting.

Assault Rifles are fine, both my FL4K and Moze are build around these things. Sniper rifles are indeed more niche though, and I wouldn’t look beyond the Headsplosion, Monocle, and a cryo Malak’s Bane personally.

Manufacture gimmick crossovers are nice when the gimmick actually makes the gun more useful. The Duc having explosive rounds or the Lucian’s Call reflecting on crit are useful gimmicks to add to a gun.

Adding burst fire to a Hyperion is not, and never has been, a useful gimmick. It’s just a Dahl sniper with an unruly first shot and no alternate fire mode.


I think there’s just general contempt for the woodblocker because it seems to drop so much xD


I’m at around ~120 hours combined and yet to see one. :frowning:

RNG shenanigans…

I was actually gonna just say what boom said.

But to water it down further: it has the two drawbacks from a manufacturer (Dahl’s Burst on a Sniper) with Hyperion’s bad first shot, which are supposed to be balance points for their manufacturers, but when combined kinda make one weird unstable interaction.

Coupled with a name that seems very much like it’s a go at C*** Block, and you have a legendary that just makes you reel whenever it drops.

But if you make it work for you, that’s awesome and we all kinda have our weird guns. I’m a big user of Kill O The Wisp.

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Really? Dang that’s crazy. I’ve seen too many woodblockers to count lol

It’s not a bad gun, just doesn’t suit my playstyle. I like using snipers when I play in a group that has some shotgun/melee/pistol users but generally I stick with pistols and SMGs myself.

I agree that cross over gimmicks aren’t always useful but this would be another example of us having different opinions of useless, I’m not a fan of Lucian’s call but I love Rowan’s.
It’s definitely a niche gun to say the least.

I always thought the name was a joke about screwing up your lined up shots.

Ammo-hungry gun in a weapon class that has the lowest ammo capacity, firing pattern means getting max damage takes some work on the user’s part, and even if you decide to take the time to use it correctly you’ll get better numbers with a whole lot of other guns.

Having a moderate skill curve with underwhelming rewards already puts it on the ‘ignore’ list for most players, but it drops with such frequency that you can’t ignore it. :rofl:

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I wish I had the luck of everyone else, I just get ASMD and Malak’s banes.

I hate the woodblocker because its drop rate is off the chart and it is not that good it acts more like machine gun with crazy recoil and low accuracy . In comparaison a rare weapon like the Maggie since day of realease I ve seen 7 or 8. Woodblockers hundreds of them.

Krakatoa isn’t bad with Moze because of her incendiary buff. Just have to take out the shields etc first.