Why do people keep disconnecting in PvE?

Had this game a week now and not been in a single co op match with a full squad.

Why are a lot of the people who play this such little bitches?

Might not all be leaving. I had a game durring Heliophage today when I was disconnected and couldn’t find how to rejoin after I was kicked out.

Mhh, PC on console? So far I only had disconnects on XB1, no real issues with “real” leaving.

What I experienced and hate is when people pick the same chars and leave as soon as they think their double makes more damge/kills. This is really crummy.
I´d love to meet a team with other Orendis, but they all leave when I pick my Orendi with Master-skin :disappointed_relieved:
As if mastering a char would mean I´m a pro-gamer… Hell no, I die, I screw up, I make mistakes…

Seems people only want to win. They don´t seem to care for more than their own highscores. PvP has the same issue, people leaving as soon as the situation just smells fishy, instead of fighting to the end…

If it’s straight after matchmaking it’s because they want a different map.

I was with a party of 4 that did this about 3 times, each time leaving one random to play the game by himself. Eventually they gave up and started a private match.

GBX should allow players to choose a specific map. If they want to wait longer that’s their problem. Better that then pissing off everyone who plays with them.

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Ohhh yeah, that too! I like the current map choosing feature, but I think too it would work better to choose the map first, then being put into a queue for matchmaking for this certain map.

Pretty much this, people need a specific map. It can happen just after a boss too if they only want to farm that specific one. It’s bad game design not to be able to que for specific maps.

Another thing happens at character select where they are looking to be on a team with certain characters for lore challenges.

Another is somebody else picked the hero they wanted to play/were working on.

I’ve also been told that people leave if there’s no healer or balanced team. Even though that dosnt matter.

Rage quits. I always play it out and I take my time with it so they can’t do anything.

The other day my whole group quit so I taped my analog stick to my controller and played on my pc for a few hours checking back in every so often to see if they finished it.

Some people do just genuinely get disconnected though (Internet/bad server)…
First thing I do when I enter a game, is check everyone’s colour connection bars (are they called pings? I dunno, not down with tech speak)…
If I see red, it’s bound to be ‘goodbye’ at some point, no fault of their own…
If they hold on the whole game, then great… And if they leave, I just hope they come back, or push on without them.

But yes… Some are just, well… It would be impolite to state what they are here…
Quitters, yes, I’ll go with quitters.