Why do people think Ambra is bad?

I know that apparently she was nerfed from beta(didn’t play it) but why the hate? I have, consistently, seen Ambras go 100% honey badger into teams and not care, get a kill and manage to get out with decent health. You’d think she’d be labeled as a tank sometimes with the amount of damage I’ve seen her hold up through.

Maybe there’s some gear shenanigans going on sometimes, I just saw an item call Alamo Armor which is…quite good but I doubt everyone is running around with one.

Overall though I’m not seeing it, maybe her group healing is kinda meh as far as supports go but the character herself? She seems to be able to hold her own QUITE well…

One Word: Beta

EDIT: watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-P8uZwTDXvw

Pretty much. There really isn’t anything wrong with her. My bro has here mastered.

Probably because she’s finally where she should be and some people preferred it when she could single handidly wreck face with her beam. The damage and range it had made killing laughably easy along with her survival methods. Now she is more of a versatile support, the way she should be. I usually go all out healer on her.


You’ll find that there are people who are so bad that they can’t do well with a character unless that character has an unfair advantage… once their advantage is taken away, they suddenly feel the “character” is useless when, in fact, the individual playing the character would fall more into the “useless” category.

AKA: They ain’t good

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Lmao you think that’s bad, wait till the next big update and they nerg Galilea. Lmao. All the no skill 10 year olds will start complaining because ether actually have to skill to play her

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because shes good and when they die they just throw it that the char is bad

So, will people with skill use her at that point? I doubt it. She’ll fade into obscurity.

I think most people understand she has high survivability, but I find a lot of people don’t really understand her dmg loop enough to do the dmg she’s capable of. Most Ambras I see don’t even use her heat.

Because she was nerfed. That’s it. There’s always going to be a group of people who think nerfing of any kind will destroy a character. Now that she can’t destroy the entire team on her own, only the people that really liked Ambra actually play her.

The same thing will happen with Galilea when they’re done. She’ll seem underpowered because she won’t have all her I Win buttons, put people will still focus her out of reflex. So expect a bunch of “they changed it, now it sucks!” posts after that.

Only thing with that is, Galilea is beatable. I do it regularly… at this point it just sounds like I’m lying just to defend something I like… whatevs. I’ll still make use of her after the patch.

The damage reduction from the hot fix made her recently beatable but she is still better than every other character in the game. To go back to the thread topic, Ambra is decent. However people will say she is bad because she used to be broken and play differently, some people struggle to adjust. Furthermore, Since Miko is clearly better Ambra is rarely used now so her potential isn’t frequently seen.

She has the potential to have multiple heal stations out at once from level one. She can then quickly increase the healing output of said spots by levelling up. Then she can transfer a very small portion of her health to allies. Throw in a healing increase mod, more helix upgrades for sun spots and what not and she can be a great healer when stacking sunspots with her healing beam on an ally. She’s harder to use but rewarding. Being able to push back enemies with the staffs knock back mutation and the ultimate being capable of clearing some space. All in all she’s a great support, just not as deadly as she used to be. Then again you said her potential isn’t seen often so fair enough lol

Ambra is a beast, and was hit with a nerf twice, so people either automatically think that she sucks now (she doesn’t, though if I could change one thing, I’d remove the nerf to her solar wind skill, to make one of her challenges less grind-y) or think that because she still isn’t easy to kill if played right, she’s still OP. With the right builds, I’m regularly out-healing or out-damaging enemy supports, because of the sheer versatility her kit offers. I spent a bit of time mastering her, but it was worth it, her ability to keep her team alive on the front line while staying alive IF I AM STRATEGIC (that’s a biggie) makes her my favorite character to play and my favorite character to hunt down and kill if she’s on the opposing team.

I know she is good, I personally play her a lot. Just very few people do play her.

I’ve come to embrace the Ambra-Hate in a certain way. Sure, it bugs me that everytime I lose a game where I was supporting as Ambra, people blame it on the fact that I picked her over Miko, but the utter confusion of every enemy team I face when we win is just priceless. Every time they’ll go from underestimating me and basically ignoring me to “OMG kill this Ambra NOW!”

Miko is a great support right from level 1, Ambra on the other hand takes time to get good (at least lvl 3). Once she gets those much needed levels though, she just outshines Miko (in Incursion anyways. Still good in Meltdown but not as much, depends on the team).

And that’s just as a support. I’ve seen people tear their foes a new ■■■■■■■ with a DPS Ambra. She was my favorite the moment she was announced and will always be <3

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She’s designed to be tactical support with sunspots but people just try to rush in and use her like any other DPS and wonder why its not working.

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Her healing will never be as good as Miko’s of course. But I don’t know if I would call her a prime healer. She’s more Aoe damage.
I love her she’s awesome =)

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She is “Versatile” (like OM)… she is great as healer but also great at DPS with the good helix build (lvl 4 and 7 mid helix)…

But where she is the best is with an hybrid helix build, as you can see on her Legendary she have heal power AND skill damage

I often have more damage than a thorn/orendi and a same or more heal than a miko with her legendary (Skill dmg + heal power) + Voxis Core (shield + skill dmg + 15% dmg aoe) + Vow of Fury (15% atk speed + crit dmg) (only the crit dmg is useless as you don’t crit as ambra, but it’s worth for the 15% atk speed for her lvl 7 helix ranged attack)… and with all that she can tank very well

Because they suck lol.
I’ve never faced another Ambra who knew to use her heat.
I love Ambra. Overshield in emergencies, lifesteal and good damage. She’s just not scrub friendly. Her healing’s not that great because of the amount of damage she puts out. She’s the perfect balance of healing and damage imo