Why do people think Galilea needs a nerf

In my opinion she’s perfectly balanced she’s only op because you fight her the way she wants to be fought and that’s head on nobody tries to kite her which is her weakness so why do people complain she’s op?
Edit: no this isn’t a troll
She has a stun that she can miss and if it doesn’t land she has no defense
Everyone is dumb enough to fight her in her space why don’t people kite her
I fought a ghalt tonight with her and he wrecked me with great timing and kiting keeping me in his arena by stun after stun from traps making the enemy have wide open kills on me I even had a good miko on me but I still died how is that possible if she’s op???

But she has a really powerful stun which pretty much counters that


Yup she stuns you ONCE and your dead…unless you have a tank…then youve only lost like 80% of your life before you shook it off lol.

This must be a troll.

Unless you are like a squishy character that doesn’t happen

And if she’s misses the stun then she has no defense so she normally won’t throw unless it’s a clear shot


Not a troll I just want reasons because I beat her no problem

Not a big moba player, but as I understand it kiting, which is supposedly her counter is when the enemy basically back pedals while they shoot at someone, meaning she’s probably got a pretty good shot on them, and if she misses she can just back off.

Kiting is more then just back peddling it’s tactical retreating
Let’s say she’s pushing up
Let’s say your rath
Use cross blades get her attention
She rushes toward you
Then you immediately run to either side and jump to dodge any shield coming your way
Now she’s defenseless
She will probably stay in her circle
Hit her with his slam and knock her up get in hits while she’s getting up
Rinse repeat

Orrrrrr she backs off, which she should seeing how she has lost one of her biggest advantages. As a melee character your only options are to let her go or to chase her. Since he’s a melee character, she could probably still get away unless he’s got her perfectly set up in a corner.The really bad bit is that she could just straight up overpower him because she’s powerful enough to do that even he uses his cc and she doesn’t have her shield. Also, that shield moves pretty fast, it may not a guaranteed shot for Galilea, but it is definitely not something you can consistently dodge. Also, this scenario, in which Galilea still probably wins, is only if Rath is the one catching her by surprise. If Galilea sees an unsuspecting Rath and opens with the shield throw, he’s doneski.

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If she’s without a shield that’s 1000 hit points you don’t need to worry about
Also rath does crazy health damage so without a shield all it takes is one ult and and her shield takes 20 seconds to come back with a miss so she’s vulnerable
And he’s faster then her
Stay out of her range use crossblade often to lure her
And use the slam to poke her
She’s only as powerful as the conditions she fights in
Make her fight in your space not you go to her
The only nerf she needs is a slight damage or attack speed one other then that she’s fine people just don’t fight her right and if you say
“It’s not right to have a character only be able to beat a certain way”
Well sure it is you don’t run up and punch Montana
You don’t try and chase a phoebe around the map
You don’t try and fight benidict in air with a sword
Everyone has an advantage people don’t like it when hers it a hard counter to anyone in her circles
Just stay out of range and gg she dies because she can only heal from her circles or ult (also shield if mutated)

If that’s your strategy for beating Galilea and you win, then it was because the person playing her was making poor decisions, not because it’s an effective strategy. If i’m Galilea and i miss my shield throw on my target, chances are i’m gonna make a retreat if the situation doesn’t look good. Not stand there and keep trying to fight an enemy that has all their abilities off cooldown.

Her kit is just extremely bloated and she has the fastest 100-0 potential in the game right now in my opinion. Let’s take a look at what she’s got.

1.Her basic attacks hit hard. She may swing a bit slower but I’m pretty sure she keeps up with the best of them. Not a big deal except she’s supposed to be a defender, which brings me too…
2. She’s a defender and she’s beefy like one. Not only does she have high health plus a shield, she also has her physical shield which she can use to become completely immune to frontal attacks, even the likes of Ambra’s ridiculous auto-aim beam.
3. Hard CC with her shield throw. It’s balanced by the difficulty of landing it and the penalty of missing it. However combined with the rest of her kit, it pretty much becomes a death sentence.
4. Damage AOE passive that activates pretty much any time she’s in combat. It may not seem like much but it sure does help her melt those squishy characters that much faster.
5. Her ultimate. Probably the most boring part of her kit but still useful nonetheless. She drops out of sight making it more difficult to hit her and regens a chunk of health, all the while continuing to deal AOE damage over time.
6.Desecrate. I love it but it is probably the most ridiculous part of her kit. At level one it’s already an amazing ability. It has amazing teamfight potential but she can combo it with her shield for a nearly instant kill. Stun an enemie, pop desecrate, go to town. Dead in three seconds. Unless they’re a tanky character in which case you just keep wailing on them because they can’t out damage you.

That’s just her base kit. With her helixshe can add so much more. I won’t go into detail but I’ll just list some off. Several health regen skills, including a team heal. Anti-heal. Enemy team has a nice healer? Not a problem anymore. Option to make Desecrate one of the biggest, highest damage dealling AOE abilities, and make it slow enemies or hasten you. Apparently one of her mutations makes it pull enemies in.

She just has too much. It’s like it’s Christmas and all the presents have her name on them.


With what I was saying she can be retreating and she still dies to a decent rath or phoebe
She’s my main but when I play other characters against her I don’t feel any where near at a disadvantage maybe it’s because I know her or maybe it’s the players skill like you said but I fought a lot of them even one that’s was Galilea vs galilea today and I just did what I do with my assassins against her and wrecked
I kited her shield then went in dropped a desicrate hit with a shield and did damage by then she pops her ult after stun she gets back up with her shield and I fall back again to rinse and repeat

No you simply have not fought a Gally player who actually knew what they were doing and had the proper Helix unlocked…out of maybe 12 Gallys ive played, 2 knew what to do. Ill just quote a previous post on this since im @work and dont have the time for a proper lengthy reply

Now you put her with a Reyna?? There is no “counterplay” theyre both overshielded and recieving passive healing…they will camp your minion lane (Meltdown) and Destroy you if you try to stop their push, so what? You “kite” until you loose the game?

Then by midgame they would be camped out at your supply station, securing the win. Push her out you say? Na she can literally 1v3-4 your team since shes deep into her Helix by now. You simply havent seen the face of evil yet lol Gally makes prenerf Phoebe (a character I never complained about once btw) look like Strawberry Shortcake, Phoebe was just braindead so you saw it more often.

They need to shave her DPS down…theres simply no reason for her to able to kill so fast while being a strong tank with damage mitigation and healing on top of it.


Look, I just think Galilea can do way too much.

Question: Can she give herself an overshield? I am not sure, but I have seen her with one loads of times.

I know she can heal, and stun, she can hide into the freaking ground, and I think she can silence too…

And I have no idea what her cooldown times are, but I have the feeling Galilea can stun extremely much! I was against her in a game with OM, I was Miko… First she stunned him, I was able to heal us just enough to survive so OM gets back in the fight and she takes damage. Then she stuns me, and the moment I get unstunned, she stuns OM. What? O.o How… How’d she do that?!

I also think she does way too much damage, is too fast and is too tanky to be balanced. Most chars that are extremely tanky are extremely slow, but Galilea just decided to be good at everything.

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The real problem is that super-amazing PLAYERS can do super-amazing things with Gal… or ANY character they play (except the broken ones). Bottom line, you’re probably going to lose to super-amazing players no matter what you do.

Gal isn’t particularly magnificent at any one thing in particular. She isn’t the only one who can stun, and her melee doesn’t do THAT much damage until you’re geared and spec’d right. And she can be killed, just has a fair bit of health to chomp through first.

This game neeeds Gal just the way she is. Her role is to defend an area, to push up and soak damage /distract with shield, and particularly to chase down the sickly gazelle trying to flee the battlefield. If there were no classes that could effectively chase down fleeing players, everybody could just run away from the fight whenever their health was low.

Saw a guy go like 28 and 8 with Rath last night. This game is all about knowing your role and not making poor decisions. Don’t like getting killed by Gal…? Mic chat and coordinate team shotting her.

Somebody gets it

Depending on her helix her shield stun is 15-20 seconds long
If she’s Missed the throw she has no defense to counter her lower health in comparison to the other tanks
What she has that they don’t is health regen but only when she’s next to enemy’s because she passively steals life
She can get a silence if your next to her in her field which is easy to avoid
People try and fight her head on when she’s made to beat people coming at her head on

The only nerf I think she needs is attack speed if anything
Everything else is good
She dominates the arena like a gladiator for a reason
When you hop in her circle she has home field advantage
Why would you ever fight someone where they are
Strongest and all it takes to beat them are cc stuns and silences
She also wrecks other tanks because they get in her face and she outlasts them
It’s the point of her character
Making her field weaker or anything would be like stopping rath from using crossblade and life stealing
Stopping benidict from flying
Or stopping Montana from shooting a minigun
That’s the base of her character
A territorial gladiator that dominates in her field
If you take her out of her own field she loses simple as that