Why do SHIFT Codes expire so quickly? BONUS: Some quality of life improvement suggestions


I’m sure you get a lot of FL4K about this but I would sure like to know the reasoning behind it.

I’m a stay at home gamer with plenty of time on my hands but even I can’t catch the codes 90% of the time before they expire. Wouldn’t 24hrs (min.) be more reasonable, so players around the globe/ in different time zones could get a crack at them?

How can you gauge player interaction if no one has a chance to redeem the codes? “This SHiFT code has expired” is soooo frustrating :frowning:

Other than that, the game is awesome.

BONUS: Those Quality of Life Improvement Suggestions

Ability to Fast Travel directly to Team Mates, not just their vehicles.
Have Team Mates see MY waypoint markers when I put them on the map.
Ability to share money and Eridium across my characters (collect all 4!)

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I agree on that one. Most of the keys only provide 1 golden key. About 9 of 10 keys are failing because they are expired. I love the game but hate those keys. Thanks for listening.

Gearbox support, please respond.

How about these? Am I the first one to make these suggestions? Think you’ll consider them?

I agree on those. Especially sharing money between your characters. The possibility to store money in your vault would also be acceptable.