Why do so many people just want a rehash of bl2?

To me a new game should be that a new game. Yes in a series there should be some sense of similarity but not just the same over and over again. I love this game and I love bl2 both are different. Also I would rather new material not just same old bl2 raid bosses(takedowns are way better), tiny tina dlc, bring back bl2 vhs. Let this be a new game and if you want nostalgia just replay bl2


Well, since you ask… And I can only speak for myself here. I do not necessarily want a rehash of BL2. But neither do I want to throw away everything that made BL2 great for the sake of “newness”. Also, GBX set expectations regarding certain aspects of the franchise.

The most simple expectation, and one that I do not think that anyone would argue with, is that there are Vault Hunters and there will be at least one vault to hunt. There are also lots and lots of guns, with multiple rarity tiers (The original Borderlands game also introduced a new tier of rarity, Pearlescent, and Borderlands 2 followed suit). There are enemies to shoot and loot (including via Circles of Slaughter). There are maps to explore. There is an actual storyline, with characters, plot, etc. All of these basic characteristics were established in the original Borderlands game and then carried forward into BL2.

Then BL2 set some new expectations, many (if not all) of which were echoed by the following BL:TPS, such as:

  • A total of 6 VHs instead of only 4
  • Increase the number of Raid Bosses
  • Carrying forward the old playable VHs as NPC characters in the story

All of these were then established as part of the expected content of a Borderlands game going forward, adding to what was first laid out in the original Borderlands games.

So what exactly is the concern here? Asking for more raid bosses is no different than asking for more guns or more enemies to fight or more maps to explore. Raid bosses and circles of slaughter are core aspects of a Borderlands game, not nostalgic one-offs.

Takedowns are fine by me. But let’s be honest here, they are basically mini-gauntlets, similar to the Digistruct Peak from BL2, but in more bite-sized chunks. Should we then dismiss Takedowns because BL2 already had a gauntlet (and a much larger, more complex one at that)? Where is the newness when gauntlets have already been done? At what point is carrying something forward OK versus nostalgic rehash?

As I said, I have no problem with Takedowns. But I would also like a new Digistruct Peak. Tannis spent a lot of time and resources making the first one to train the Crimson Raiders. Why would that all have been thrown away? What has that now evolved into? It makes no sense to just pretend like it never existed. But that does not mean that I want the exact same layout as the one in BL2. No, I want a new layout that reflects the new threats that the Crimson Raiders have to face. I would even be fine if that is what Arms Race evolved into, a full blown digistruct game show full of various gauntlet-like modes.

As for Tiny Tina’s DLC, I imagine that people want another one because of how frickin’ awesome the first one was. I have posted elsewhere that I would pay for a spin-off Borderlands game set in that world as long as the Borderlands NPCs are narrating and providing cameos and giving side quests, etc. And dwarves, more dwarves. They are the best!

But I will agree that to repeat the Tiny Tina DLC is a one-off. That desire does not reflect a core characteristic of a Borderlands game. However, I would argue that it is not mere nostalgia that drives this desire either. Rather I think that GBX inadvertently tapped into something that players really, really want and are willing to pay for.

I realize at this point that I am rambling somewhat. It has been a long day of posting for me, so my thoughts are a bit disjointed. But the core of what I am trying to say, again in answer to the topic, is that I am not so sure that most of the people who are asking for game content that was in BL2 are actually creating a nostalgic rehash as much as the title of the thread suggests. I disagree with the core premise that the question rests on. I also do not buy into the idea that bringing forward content characteristics from older games in the same franchise is mutually exclusive with regards to presenting newer content characteristics. In other words, I don’t understand what the issue here is, even if the premise is true.


I also feel like a number of people are looking back to BL2 through nostalgia goggles or they didnt get into BL2 until after it’s cycles of DLC etc grabbing things like the handsome collection so they either never experienced the game at launch or don’t remember that BL2 had a number of its own issues early in its life as well. On PC some players may also be playing with mod patches not made by gearbox that rebalance the game due to scaling issues and number bloat where they appear to have based balance on trying to challenge the handful of broken builds instead of fixing the broken things early on. A number of people these probably got into the BL franchise with BL2 as well and in many cases that first entry of a series leaves the biggest impression on people. Another example with a different franchise would be FF7 which was the first entry by numerous people into the Final Fantasy series when it hit the PS1 and became mainstream. By no means was it a bad game however countless people that had that title as their first entry into the franchise or JRPGs in general will swear to it being the greatest RPG ever made which has resulted in a few spin offs, a remake/remaster, porting to PC, a movie, and numerous collaborations


I want less of a rehash of BL2 and more a rehash of TPS. :wink:

As in, nerf anointments down to luneshine-level of power, and if we’re going to keep the same generous legendary world drop rate we have now, add a TPS-style grinder so we can do something a little more creative with all the Malak’s Banes and Woodblockers than just leaving them on the ground.

What would be nice to carry over from BL2 would be exclusive loot for chubbies and loot tinks, like their cousins in BL2 have, and not have them just drop the same old world drops we’ve seen a billion times as they do now.


its not so much as rehash of bl2 people want , people want somthing different then you think as current state of bl3 is quite bland and boring endgame also story in bl3 isnt that great to some people as bl2 story was more well done and even bl2 dlc had better story content with more challenge and longer content, as for bl3 the idea’s are there but done very poorly as main story also sucks and is way to short. now as for people and endgame issue, endgame issue wouldn’t be that bad on bl3 if there was easier way to farm boss etc as currently farming and getting specific gun take way to long and are badly rng based as easier to farm on bl2 due to less junk in system you could say, but bl3 could easily added in way to reset a boss after you killed it etc with technology they had access to but they didnt and load screens kinda also kill farming.


If I ever go back to BL2, it’ll never be unmodded. BL1 and TPS are the only BL games I can enjoy as they are. Mods are the reason why my total playtime on BL2 went from 200+ to 700+.


I thought the exact opposite. By the time I got to Nekrotefayo I just kind of wanted it to be over. But I also do all the side quests as I play through and had lost a lot of my investment in the storyline by that point so maybe my view is somewhat askew.



In leymans terms …

BL2 was awesome. BL3 not so much.

Handsome Jack was awesome. Tyreen and Troy are annoying liberals and that is never awesome.

BL2 had Maya. BL3 killed her.

Bl2 was fun. BL3 is redundant.

Bl2 didnt have anointments.


BL3 is already quite close to BL2 philosophy-wise, so any flaws compared to it will stick out.
But I agree, if we’re talking wishes for BL4, I’d also be interested in some cool new stuff for the franchise.

bl3 is much better than bl2 and i never wanted bl2 just few bad decisions like anointed gear and improvized m2.0 ruined it very hard

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I don’t want a rehash of BL2. However, I would like a return to the core gameplay that made the BL franchise great for me. I shamelessly paraphrase from a post I read the other day. For me, Borderlands is about the journey not the arrival. I want playthroughs that challenge me with their difficulty. I want a progression system that sees me through all the campaign content, DLCs and all. The previous three games all offered this in their own way.

BL3 has the building blocks to do this. There’s a large campaign, a resettable TVHM and four variable but solid DLCs. They could easily provide a brilliant “journey”. Instead, GBX chose accelerated progression to the level cap only to realize they didn’t know how to do the “games as a service” endgame grind.

Recently, I introduced a cousin to FPSs with Borderlands. We’ve finished BL1 - L69, all the DLCs, Crawmerax et al. I explained endgame, farming and god builds, to him. He found the idea as pointless as I do. Perhaps it’s because we’re old. We’ve set out on BL2 and are looking forward to hours of campaign gameplay as we make our way to L80. It’s that “journey” that BL3 no longer offers.


Look closer. BL3 is already a rehash of BL2.

And I bet BL4, it it will be ever made, will be as well.

Just to weigh in for the sake of perspective, I have over 2100 hours on BL2 and have never played with mods. Nor do I play with mods on any of the Borderlands games. I am also playing on a PC through Steam, if that is a factor.

you have lost a lot then because community patch was brilliant


Have to check how much time I spent playing 2 hahaha

But most of my time in 3 is spent AFK because of unskippable bullcrap…

BL2 I finished original characters twice (Maya 3 times because I lost one) Gaige and krieg 1

BL3… Zane which I still play, Amara and practically stopped playing her, fl4k and moze to 50 and never bothered again…

Reset Zane for first level cap… Then by accident and used my backup to undo it.

BL2 was far from perfect… It’s still better then BL3. Things that 3 did better still doesn’t make it a better game.

Do I want BL2 remade? If they would remaster it I would prefer it over current BL3 yes…
Do I want BL3 to be BL2? No! I want GBX to get their ■■■■ together and fix/remove all the crap they pushed out


Bl2 had better righting and gameplay. In borderlands 3 I never used rocket launchers grenades or iron bear because they all suck in bl3. They should have a free dlc at some point where we kill Ava lilith and maya don’t die ect.

There is now an official Bunkers & Badasses board game (made by Gearbox IIRC) so if you can find it…


for gameplay bl3. for fun and endgame farming bl2


Pretty much sums it up :blush:

They just made a lot of wrong desisions. Drop rates, anointment system, mayhem, HUGE loading times on console, the game as a service content, lack of endgame, bad dlcs, unnecessary buffs and nervs, boss immunity phases, frequently level cap raises.

I love the graphics and the gameplay but all the ■■■■■■ stuff finally made me quit the game. Haven’t played it since two weeks before the SP2 was dropped.

It’s sometimes hard to explain but this game is just not what I wanted and seeked for. I said that I will maybe get the SP2 when I get my ps5 but I won’t. I’m not interested in this game anymore. They took too much of destiny (as far as I heard some opinions) and I quitted destiny 1 in the first month of playing it. It was just not fun and this is BL3 too.

Not going to buy BL4 before all dlcs are out for the game in the future. I’m sick of playing the beta tester for GBX.