Why Do So Many People Leave Matchmaking?

Title says it all. Usually, after we get a total of 10 people for pvp and right before the maps show, someone leaves having everyone to wait all over again. Is it my high level that is turning people off? This seems to happen 70% of the time. Is this happening to anyone else?

Happens in PVE too, can’t decide if it’s that they don’t want to play that particular mission, even though they usually select ‘no preference’, or other people’s character selection puts them off, or it’s just flakey and they are getting DC’d. It’s annoying as the 90 second timer won’t take into consideration the fact that the last person to choose a character is “disconnected”, so you all sit there twiddling your thumbs knowing damn well the person isn’t going to make it back within the remaining time.

For sure what happens at times is they were waiting for a Friend and got bored then got the Steam notification.
They click to join their Friends game before the current game loads.

Of they see high command rank numbers on the opposing team and decide the potential of a loss isn’t worth their time.

Happening on ps4 too so it’s not Just Steam.

Not terribly bothered by it cause I still get matches within 2 minutes but it’s a slight annoyance.

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I only quit the queue because of 2 reasons… enemy 5-man premade teams or only level 2-10 in my team while the entire enemy team has the same like me (40-50) since it´s already written in stone, that this match will be lost and a totally waste of time.
Matches just take too long to just try if it would be possible to win.
I want hard fought close matches (no matter if win or loss), but i don´t want to get stomped 30 minutes because of teammates that don´t know the base mechanics of the game and refuse to listen to tips.

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