Why do some characters have a better stealth than others?

The stealth for characters like Oscar Mike and Shayne and Aurox still shows a very visible silhouette if you are even half paying attention to the screen.

Whereas characters like Deande and Pendles have near perfect (or perfect) stealth where you can’t see their silhouettes at all.

Especially with any of the easily accessible debuffs (poison, slow, burning, Reyna marked, etc…) which are visible to the enemy with the debuff sprites following the character, the stealth for OM and S&A (the other two too) becomes rather useless.

While useful in other situations, stealth is used as a get away or reposition, but what’s the point when the enemy still can track you so easily?

At least give OM and S&A the real stealth, and not the knock-off version that acts as camouflage rather than actual stealth that other chars have.

Imo, most of this can be attributed to the actual design of the character.

Shayne and Oscar are both large (er) framed characters than deande, plus when they go into stealth they don’t change their location at the same time, where as Deande either shoots backwards or in a direction of her choosing, which makes them harder to spot.

To me at least their stealth appearance is the same, I’ve picked out several cloaked deandes running around, but some of those other factors can definitely make it more difficult

When Shayne Cloaks Aurox disappears and I’d say Shayne is smaller than Deande. And it’s not like OM is THAT big.
Pendles is the biggest of them all actually, I think?

Personally I haven’t seen differences in the cloak appearance though, BUT the way it is cast. Shayne and OM both stay where they were when they cloaked while Pendles stealths out of sight or accompanied with an FX (And a potential jump) + Deande jumps and throws out a decoy; Pendles and Deande both distract you with their cloak while Shayne and OM really don’t. Maybe that makes it feel like their cloak is lesser?

That’s kinda what I was going for, yeah lol. The movement that deande and pendles employ with their stealth makes it significantly harder to see them in stealth, although the actual “stealth field” appearance is the same for all of them.

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