Why do some people dislike Borderlands The Pre-Sequel?

I can’t help it many people keep on saying Borderlands the pre -sequel sucks but why just because it’s not borderlands 2. In my opinion not everyone game should stack up to BL2 . BL2 had more promotions even a web game which is pretty fun. Not to mention merchandise and more. So just cause it is not the same brings no reason to hate it or dislike it it was rushed had less promotions and merchandise. and not even a web game not to mention 2 DLC’s BL2 Had 4 Campaign dlc and some headhunter packs. Just less dlc in general . Once again fans somehow have very high expectations after a great game. Not to mention half the dlc characters is one of the best and most important people in the series. Not to mention BL2 was one of the greatest games from what i have learned from youtube and my personal gameplay. In my opinion fan expectations were too high. If this is making people mad feel free to close it or merge it or whatever.

Good for you I still play it besides the weird stuff in the story.

Ok it does make sense apparently you feel sad for BLTPS being hated…

This is actually very much true it has less endgame content but if you read what I said they rushed BLTPS versus BL2 in my opinion less content


They obviously have no clue this is not deathrun on minecraft. This is a borderlands game these games are easiliy enjoyable and fun .

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Aside from some glaringly bad writing (like when you spend all that time building a robot army and then see like…10 loaders afterwards, which still isn’t as bad as bl2s writing…seriously? The ladders busted?) I actually enjoy tps more. I’m mainly a bl1 fan but I’ve pretty much done everything you can do in all the games. So yeah I’m a very small percent that puts bl2 in last place. There’s not near as much dlc and endgame…but I’d still be more likely to throw tps in. I even used fragtrap as my first character and he’s still my favorite and the best one imo. Hell I killed Eos with him the first time I tried with no guide.


The most common hate-thing I see on the web is “lack of endgame compare to BL2” which is very unfair. BL2 has far more DLCs and it’s the only way why it has more content.
On the other side, TPS is better game in most (if not all of them) mechanics like story, story-telling, characters and their skill trees, gameplay-wise etc.
My personal rank is TPS>BL2>BL1. And for DLC, Claptastic Voyage>TTAoDK (story only)>other story DLCs.


I think that was the point of the complaints, though - the lack of campaign DLC to help ease the pain of levelling up through UVHM. You only have Claptastic Voyage which - as awesome as it is - is not enough additional content to get you through from 50 to 70 without some massive grinding.

There’s the Holodome, which is OK but not really a campaign. It’s a throwback for those who enjoyed Moxxi’s Underdome from BL1, or like the challenge of running arenas. For those for whom story is an important part of the game play, though, it is more tedious work than anything else.

And that’s it really. Given the way scaling works in TPS UVHM, I still feel I’d like a second campaign-style DLC. Don’t get me wrong - I love the game, love the low-gravity environments and the Oz kit mechanics. But it’s not as compelling or satisfying to level a character up - there’s a reason the Guardian Hunter power level is such a common thing!

As to why people dislike the game: the same low-gravity Oz kit mechanics I love are unpopular with a segment of gamers. I lost count of how many times the game was described as a platformer and “I hate platformers” applied to it. Personally, I think that betrays a lack of understanding on how the jump pads work (if you just let them carry you, you will always land safely - no platforming required!). If you were to run a poll of “most disliked map”, however, I suspect “Veins of Helios” would easily win.


Every time I think about Luxy’s Space Andventure I feel sad that we never had a chance to play this DLC, based on the leaked materials it was very promising.


Took me a minute to figure that out about the pads. You feel like you have to manipulate the jump but you never do


Yeah, it looked verrry promising. I’m quite sad that TPS never got its time to shine big with the lack of content. Minus some dumb story holes (eg: were is the robot army?) and lack of content, TPS is a solid entry in the borderlands franchise. I enjoyed TPS alot!


Some of the maps could have used an extra hour in the oven to improve flow; while I do actually enjoy playing on the Research and Development map, it’s kind of a weird mazey mess that doesn’t really make much logical sense. Lunar Launching Station is perhaps my least-liked map in all the franchise, beating out Lair of Infinite Agony; the first couple times I played there I was completely lost and going in circles constantly. I always have to take a break for a while when I get to that point in the story because I dread it, heh. :smiley:


I like Lunar map, it’s one of my favorite. During my first playthrough I wanna go farm Zarpedon and I was searching where the fight with her was. Took me like 30-60 minutes before I gave up :smiley:

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Another problem I had with tps was the skipper. A fackin military killing machine just suddenly develops a moral compass. Maybe if they had …idk…added a plot twist where the base programming became corrupted due to the bosun making her/it more human for his own ends…which would have fit rather well into the preexisting narrative. A little too well for gearbox perhaps. Seriously, randy. I love the borderlands but give me a job already. I only live an hour away lol

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To me TPS is a mixed bag. Some of the reasons were already stated in this thread:

:point_up_2: This. And by now I personally dislike the shugguraths I have to kill multiple times during the rather boring “To Arms!” quest…

But these weaknesses are more than made up for by the design of the playable characters, the cryo mechanics, some of the humour, CL4P-L3K and the whole Claptastic Voyage…

So, while I still spend more time in BL2, the game is good. It has some flaws, but those aren’t enough to make me dislike it as a whole.


It’s kind of like a big DLC to BL2, and people wanted more. It also doesn’t have as much content, which the devs probably knew, and added some pretty blatant padding. And the people who weren’t a fan of BL2’s writing style… well they weren’t much better off with TPS, let’s leave it at that.

But I agree that people seem to judge it too harshly.


I don’t dislike it, I’m just kinda meh about it.
I’ve got about 500 hours in TPS, vs thousands in BL2.

Besides the jumping (to me) garbage (ditto on the ICK about the Veins of Helios), I found and find TPS kinda, uh, dull. The Lost Legion never generated a sense of character to me, for example. The Bandits in BL2 feel like they have a culture and personality, the Lost Legion just seems like a bunch of faceless targets. And the wasted opportunities with something like the Shugguraths always bugged me, they look like they’re going to be some massive fun enemy, but in the end they’re just spongy targets.
Another important thing for me, and again, just my impression, but I never found any guns I really liked, bonded with. BL1 and 2 I have great favorites, weapons that make me smile when I get them. TPS feels more pedestrian to me, I never found anything that made me say Ah, this changes my game!
And the Grinder. Something deep within my near 40 years of playing RPGs says Destroying good items for the potential of getting better items is a Bad Thing ™.
I think that’s why many of us consider Claptastic Voyage the best part of TPS. Story is fun, with lots of twists and new enemies, and the addition of Glitch weapons does make some good stuff.
Removing the Voyage and TPS just seems like a pedestrian game with faceless hordes you kill just because. Feels like the waves and waves of Bobs in Marathon, if you have any memory of that.
And don’t get me started on Pickle…
EDIT: Though I do like the playable characters and their skill trees, that’s why I do still drop into it at times. Thought they were well designed.


I rather enjoyed the grinder. I had a whole collection of perfect lvl.50 legendarys with moonshine. And the voice is hilarious. I had “you’re a disgrace, maggot” as a ringtone for a year or so


The problem with the Dahl 1st Sgt voice in TPS for me is;
I went through USAF basic training with a drill instructor who sounded very much like that 42 years ago , and I don’t much like to be reminded of those 3 months :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


imo. The early demise of 2K Australia and the subsequent lack of material is not the utmost reason why people dislike TPS but rather why we didn’t get passed it.

Remember: Axton suck. CA is useless. Maya can’t raid… Stuff that with it’s longevity, Borderlands 2 got over with. TPS didn’t had that luxury.
Granted there was a buch of early faux pas. Like non farmable boss. Which was promptly corrected.

There’s stuff I’m really not a fan of. Like the Veins of Helios of course. Although I don’'t mind the jump pads overall. Just these areas. Like the first mini boss fight…

Never ending spawns too… Not a fan of those and they add insult to injury when you’re not in the mood. When it’s done, it’s done. Quit it. I won. Let me move. Unless you’re bringing RPG’s. Chances to get me with my pants down with yet another wave are slim to none. You’re just slowing the game.
I think they missed the target on the big fights and ultimately that’s what hurt the game the most. Add the “3 stages boss” to the never ending spawns for aggravation.
I know the Australian accent was among the complains. Personally I love it. Could be mixed a little more but not every character in every game need to have either a LA or N.Y. accent… I love Pickle. (Even though I have to heavily rely on subtitles!) :smiley:
Cuz you know. He’s always yapping when I have to pay attention to something else… That’s another thing.

Overall I love the game. Mobbing is the absolutely the best in TPS. With the OZ kits jet pack and Slam. It just didn’t had the time to shine and show it’s true potential.

Last time I had to run The veins of Helios. My problem wasn’t really landing safely (I did died once.) but finding the exit.
Puzzle and figure 8 maps. That’s another TPS irritatation.


Same here. Every time I hit that (which is only about 8 times since that’s how much I’ve played) I get irritated trying to find the way out.

But but but… It’s meth-aine not meth-theeene!

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Pickle’s annoying --his sister even thought so and abandoned him a second time.


  • Sunny needed more plot and player mission content as-well-as more background (BIO) format “content” --TPS gets close to doing pretty well describing her.
  • Game needed more plot based mission content and DLC.
  • Game needed random enemy & NPC encounters.
  • Game needed more hidden, lootable/easter-egg cool stuff.
  • Must agree with the long standing, myself.
  • Fridgia didn’t come in purple or orange :sob:


  • Game actually gets fun, especially while playing FR4G-TP; ran all builds with him and still can’t get enough of him.
  • Game is still pretty d4mn fun co-op.
  • The DLC (that exists) is really good (made me miss the h3ll out of Fyrestone btw).
  • Everybody tricks Zarpedon into saying her name and laughs at her and she never gets it. Jack even tries to explain the event to her and she’s still clueless (and leading an over powered alien backed militia). Her innocence is intoxicating. :rofl:
  • Weapons grinder has some unique properties and with the addition of moon-stone grinds producing up to purple lunashine weapons things can at times get really interesting. Also like the fact that the grinder can actually produce orange unique legendaries too (ground a nice Sledge shotty once). Other grinding options including shields; etc. was pretty cool.

General census, concerning TPS, was that it was too short --way too short; as far as the writing and gameplay the game was pretty well received.

Didn’t appreciate AG and O2 initially, but over time grew fond of the concepts. I like to mix my FR4G-TP build with an AMP shield and OZ kit together boosting weapon DMG for some good times. There’s definitely some build strategy and good game play in TPS overall, but probably would not have purchased the title myself if it weren’t for a playable CL4P-TP Steward-bot player character (seriously).

Like Discordia --I am a BL1 advocate firstly and if what I’m seeing in BL3 is true-to-mark there will be a second to tie in first place-- but TPS is still fairly valid as a BL installment.

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Oh, and one minor thing that really annoys me in TPS (I just launched it again and am playing a little).
That danged giant laser sound. It is sooooo annoying, grating, and any other adjective one can use to describe a really bad sound effect. I play with sound off as long as that thing is active.


The laser never bothered me. There is however one sound that drives me batshit, and it’s in bl2 and tps. The vehicle spawning from the catch a rides. That awful screeching nonsense. And I think it actually happens twice per spawn. Also^ …the fridgia’s color? Lol. Just pretend that it’s rarity color is black cause that thing is pure OP death.