Why do some people dislike Borderlands The Pre-Sequel?

It is? OK, then…I wasn’t sure aside from my never seeing one sourced from there, and the wiki (I know, don’t start) only talks about the Viruses.

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You can get every legendary from Grinder.
For CV’s legendary you have to put at least one legendary from this DLC. You can’t add Moonstones to this grind, cause all legendaries from CV cannot have this effect.

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I appreciate your reply and understand the recipe to grind CV legendaries as I’ve grinded all of my Luck Cannons. I just haven’t been lucky enough to grind a Flayer … or acquire one in any way so far.


BL2 offered a big technical improvement over BL1. BL:TPS felt more like an annualized sports game release a la FIFA. The lack of technical improvements in BL:TPS made acceptance of the game an uphill climb from day 1.

Also, the DLC//Season’s Pass didn’t have very much new campaign content.

I like that BL:TPS had a mix of gravity and non-gravity areas. Not having Mantle in the non-gravity areas is very frustrating.

The music in BL:TPS was a big step down from Borderlands2.

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I liked the Pre-Sequel (still do). Though I will admit, I had to warm up to the idea of “butt slams”. I prefer simpler game mechanics in general. However, I eventually got used to it. Lasers make sense thematically (Borderlands is supposed to be a space game after all), but mostly suck in usefulness. Jump Pads are really cool and so is zero G jumping around and flying with OZ kits. The end game boss fight is annoying and like the first Borderlands game kind of a waste in terms of loot. But running around the Helios Space station is always fun.

My biggest gripe about the game is its lack of actual content DLC’s, Claptastic Voyage notwithstanding. I would love to have played a DLC where we get to see how New Haven was wiped out, or how Lynchwood was formed or the establishment of some of the Hyperion places we see in BL2 (and its DLC’s). Anything, really.

But none of my dislikes make me hate the game. It just keeps me from playing it that often.


Hey @Ossie!

Update: I woke up about 3:30 in the morning the night before last and couldn’t go back to sleep so I started playing TPS. I went to the Motherless Board to see if I could score any decent glitched weapons from the chests there and when I got to building 4, I had to fight through the wave of viruses and leechs there. I was in Showdown with Nisha so the screen colors were distorted and you just cant tell the color rarity of drops until Showdown ends.
I automatically went to the ammo boxes and behind me was an orange legendary drop. I noticed the shotgun emblem and knew ecxactly what it was … a Flayer. My heart stopped for a second, I was so excited that I could have shot through the roof like a rocket, but given it was about 4 am at this point I had to contain myself to not wake my gf sleeping.
I was praying with my eyes closed repeating in my head " Please be a Doc’s … Please be a Doc’s …

Low and behold, I finally got a Doc’s Flayer to drop. My journey of acquiring my most desired weapon was finally over. It is kind of bittersweet but the dreadful and agonizing hours I’d spent farming this item had finally paid off.

There is a God and he is good!!!


inb4 tediore hyperion grip