Why do some people hate Headhunter Packs?

The headhunters of borderlands 2 are These

  • T.k Baha’s Bloody Harvest - Halloween themed dlc with a few bosses to farm new heads and skins

  • Horrible Hunger of the Ravenous WattleGobler - ThanksGiving day themed and a new raid boss With good drops and a free chest. New heads

  • How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day christmas dlc pretty fun to play good time and easy dlc not to mention new raid boss and train with loot plus new skins and heads

  • Mad Moxxi and the wedding day massacre valenties day dlc refarmable bosses new heads and skins

  • sir hammerlock vs the son of crawmerax fun new boss new skins and head and sometimes chance of dropping legendary’s
    So what’s wrong i can’t see it ?

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Thread title is inaccurate - a lot of people like the HH packs, a bunch more are neutral. The ones who I’ve seen post reasons for not liking them mostly do so because they disliked the facts that:

  1. They were not included in the season pass (despite never having been in GBX’s roadmap for the game and a last minute extra to reward fans)
  2. Came as bundled downloads (so HH1 and HH2 combined) but unlocked separately

The argument around point 2 was that since the code for both was downloaded as a single file, you shouldn’t have to pay separately for each one since you already “owned the code” - not actually how it works, and smacks of entitlement, but whatever.

I’ve never seen any serious breakdown of specific mechanics beyond that besides “leprachaun is a pain” and “goliath couple fight is insane”.


I just keep on hearing Head Hunter packs suck
When i really liked them i felt even as a small dlc they were great and were definetly worth the purchase. Especially for the handsome Collection owners

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They are small but they are also cheap. I love them all for different reasons.


Yea there all Unique in there own way the way i see it is some raid bosses where added from dlc and the makes all of them unique as well as the price its not like a moneygrab oh i’m paying 72$ for 1 HH Like Cmon …

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@VaultHunter101 With the right gear anything can be done .

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I haven’t heard of anyone who completely hates every HH dlc, so maybe don’t use a misleading thread title next time


One of the reasons the HH packs were so small (and a lot of folks seem to have missed this) is that Gearbox wanted them to be available to 360 and PS3 users.

The existing BL2 + extra characters + 4 DLC + Digipeak was already pushing the memory limits of both older consoles really hard. It was, apparently, quite a challenge to get the extra packs squeezed in.

As someone who delayed switching to XB1 for over a year I, for one, really appreciated the work GBX put in to continue supporting players on what were clearly by then legacy systems.

I know that. I’m just saying that those are the two specific complaints I remember hearing.

Also, took the liberty of editing the title! Yes, I know, moderator abuuus :face_with_monocle:


I know your a moderator .
Edit: Those 2 Complaints are pretty common

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I don’t hate them, but I like some more than others .
My like scale;
1 - Marcus. Even though it’s quick, it’s good. But it only takes 8 minutes to run through the combat loop before getting to the Snowman, and (if geared well) he’s pretty fast too. Would have liked it to take a little more time. Of course, the Loot Train is pretty much excellent.
2 - Moxxie - Good fights, some interesting enemies. The couple is straightforward (once you know the gimmick) up until UVHM.
3- T.K. Baha - Pretty good, the enemies can really put a hurt on you which is OK. Boss fight is a little too easy.
4 - Wattlegobbler - Again, a bit short. And the first time through the Tributes were a surprisingly tough opponent. Boss fight is meh, and I’ve never gotten anything useful from the red chests at the end, YMMV.
I use 'em for experience when I need to level up a character before progressing in the main story, so useful. Just wish they had been longer.


the one thing that sucks in the headhunter packs is grandma flexington story. It is a test of patience. (lol i always picked pistachio, lol)


Maybe it’s because the people on this forum are more rational than those who frequent Steam and Reddit.


You forgot Sir Hammerlock vs. the Son of Crawmerax, which is great for several reasons, I’ll list a few:

  1. Easier farm for Captain Flynt’s drops

  2. Spending Rid on hypodermics for Varkids that lead to roided-out pirate chests.

  3. Omnd Omnd Ohk

  4. Vermivorous

  5. Son of Crawmerax!

  6. Vermivorous and Son of Crawmerax AT THE SAME TIME!

This is not even mentioning that the entire point of being on this island is to hook up with Hammerlock and the other Vault Hunters FOR A DRUNKEN ORGY.

I don’t trust people who say they hate the Headhunter packs.


@VaultHunter101 Thanks for editing the title

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My rankings would be

  1. Craw, new raid, shorter farm for the thunderball fists, possibly the most beautiful maps ever made for borderlands, great and hillarious quest line. Whats not to love
  2. Marcus, gear gear gear. One of the best farming runs in the game
  3. Moxxi, I love the quest and combat.
  4. TK, it was the first, amazing easter eggs, good for tubby farming, secret boss
  5. Torgue, it was fine. Not great loot but fun to play.

Aside from your observations, your 1 and 2 also had great story moments. We get some post-BL2 closure on a few things and some teases about our Vault Hunters in SoC; and we learn much more about Marcus in MMD. Plus, the latter has one of my favourite Marcus quips in it, when he gets all misty reminiscing about Moxxi.

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In my opinion there just small dlc’s and there is no reason to hate them or dislike them then again were all humans. And we like & Dislike things.
EDIT: I would figure i want more content cause who would want less content it gives us new maps more guns and a longer playthrough Borderlands 1,2 & BLTPS. Personally BLTPS Players are kinda salty with the Claptastic Voyage Final Boss EOS or eclipse or SHADOw TP.
There is only one dlc that i could dislike and thats Sir Hammerlocks Big Game Hunt and its not even a HeadHunter Pack its a campaign dlc people . Not to mention we get wedding boss fight /Couple Snowman Son of Crawmerax Ravenous Wattle Gobler as well as Pumpkin Boss!

Yeah similar to the BLTPS is bad thing when the pre sequel did not ace everything however I dont throw shade on a game cause one is better . Im not afraid to go to unpopular opinions

Much Agreed with that part

Yes lots of people go on reddit and talk trash about games that are great or normal and they don’t go after the bad games There is a high chance that just because someone is bad at the game . They will go after a company for no reason.

Edit:Yea i don’t even understand there is critics who don’t do it right. What you mentioned is very true . Head Hunters were meant for 360 and ps3 Mainly in the Game’s you have the fanbase which personally i feel the gearbox/Borderlands fanbase is amazing ! And the most important reason why i like them is because at the end of the story you can play them and have fun! They are packed with a fun time not to meantion raid boss and mini-Raid bosses. So yes they are packed and Fun.


IIRC, people were sour on them because they thought that they should have been free for those who purchased the season pass.

There’s this thing in the gaming community, and social media in general, that a lot of people just subscribe to popular positions, or the positions that are the consensus among their social group. So, people have opinions about a lot of things that aren’t really their own opinions - political opinions, social opinions, opinions about movies they haven’t seen, books they haven’t read, people they’ve never heard of, games they haven’t played, etc.

So, people go on reddit or 4 chan or whatever & complain that the Headhunter packs are a rip-off, and it becomes common knowledge to some that they aren’t good, or that they need to be spoken about negatively in certain social circles.

People were talking shlt about BL, BL2, & TPS, & writing negative reviews on Steam as a reaction to the Epic Store exclusive for BL3 - this is basically the same kind of social mechanic that created the disingenuous negativity toward the Headhunter packs.