Why do they use the very same voice actor for multiple main story characters?

I bought the game this weekend, and only a few things are bothering for me.
The most annyoing is the voice actors I even try to skip the sceenes now it is so frustrating.
Many of the characters (I wont spoil it for anyone if you didn’t notice, good for you honestly!) have the very same voice actor. Both male and female.
And it is not like Simpsons, or South Park where the sound actor is so professional that you can’t really tell that he/she is the same actor.
Is this really lazyness, or just they don’t want to spend money on a few additional voice actors?!!
Very frustrating because the story is the real deal in this game [for me] and it is fine for one playthrough but listening to voices and cut scenes (withouth even letting me skipping them? WHY?)

Am I the only one noticing and feeling annoyed with this issue?

Haven’t noticed any important character duplicates. Maybe a returning voice or two from previous games in minor NPC roles. The most memorable being that perv from the Scarlett DLC.

Most of the main voices are the same. :slight_smile:

If by that you mean most of the returning characters are voiced by the same actors as previously, I was taking that for granted and thus giving it no consideration.

I mean one person acting as voice actor for multiple characters in the same game. Don’t want to spoile or ruin it to people who didn’t notice so I wont name names of the characters, but believe me, they are exactly the same voices, and unfortunately they barely changed -were able to change- the voice of the character so it really irks me. Just don’t get it why not get one more voice actor for a different character. There aren’t too many main characters in this game honestly.

There is only one VA who voices two main characters, and iirc she’s done that since BL1…

• Tiny Tina - Ashley Birch
• Balex - Ice-T
• Amara - Zehra Fazal
• Lilith/Tannis - Colleen Clickenbeard
• Mad Moxxi - Brina Palencia
• Rhys - Ray Chase
• Vaughn - Chris Hardwick
• Tyreen Calypso - Elisa Melendez
• Troy Calypso - Max Mittelman
• Ellie - Jamie Marchi
• Mordecai - Jason Liebrecht
• Brick - Marcus Mauldin
• Claptrap - Jim Foronda
• FL4K - SungWon Cho
• Moze - Marissa Lenti
• Zane Fkynt - Cian Barry
• Lorelei - Ciarán Strange
• Katagawa - Christopher Wehkamp
• Timothy - Dameon Clarke

(Full list)
Not sure which other characters you might be thinking of?

Edit: the IMDB list has different VAs for Lilith and Tannis…


Really?!? That’s nuts.

I’ll have to go back, finish the story and watch the credits again!

I also checked here https://www.behindthevoiceactors.com/video-games/Borderlands-3/
And there are a couple but no main players, also at least one (Caitlin Glass, Ember & Wren) VAs for a living so…

I only know two mains that are voiced by same voice actress which most should be aware of by BL3. Go ahead and “ruin it for us” and tell all the characters done by the same voice actor. I’m genuinely curious what you’re talking about.


I never knew Randy did crazy earl till this game. Mind blown!


Yep and most of the mains are anime VAs.

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I think he’s on about the base game voice actors appearing in the dlc, I noticed brick is the mayor and clay does someone also (cant recall what character) I also remember the woman from the echo logs in promethia does the voice for one of the sisters in a side quest on the dlc, im sure there is more though

Yeah, he always did. I guess it’s his personal equivalent of the Stan Lee Marvel camoes (RIP)

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I’ve noticed a few characters that sound very similar, I assumed they were the same actor. Do I like it? No. Does it bother me enough to complain about? No.

He uses the same voice when employees ask for raises.


“what’chu want?”-Randy
“a raise sir.”-GB Employee
“I’d give it to ya if you had somethin’ worth my while, but you DON’T so scram!” -Randy


Lol that could work. They laugh right out the door.

Wait, Sungwun is Fl4k? That’s awesome!

Good list, thank you.
I would swear Tyreen and Lilith is the same person, listening to them talking.
Also Random Bandit Female is also Lilith’s voice.
Ohh and The Atlas Main Guy (Forgot the name for now) is also the same as Jack’s Voice.
And a lot more, I forgot, but it is 99% hearable when the same voices when I hear them speaking in-game I mean two people just cannot speak so identically. The tone, the style how they put the sentences together, the tone’s voice waves, etc.