Why do vehicle jumps have to be this complicated?

Case in point, Regolith ■■■■■■■ Range. There is some invisible bump in the road on the way to the ramp that will turn you sideways so you can’t build up speed and end up gloriously face planting into the side of the cliff. And this isn’t the only place I’ve been turned sideways off a cliff from an invisible bump on the surface while driving the moon buggy around. Then there is the infamous jump with the Stingray. If there was a gravity hotfix to help us, I can’t tell. All I wanted was to relive Dukes of Hazzard on these jumps.

Share your best vehicle crash. Or most consecutive epic fails on “The Stingray Jump.” Record holder will be highlighted in the OP. Informal but let’s be honest and have a good laugh. “Lost count around X…” is also an acceptable submission.

###Current most consecutive failed Stingray Jump attempts belongs to:

@ThatJohnS =8


LOL! I’ve only botched the Regolith jump once, now the stingray jump is a whole 'nother story! I either nail it the first time or it takes me six tries to get across!

Ha. First time I ever tried the Stingray jump I made it (beginner’s luck). Now it’s a minimum of 3 attempts before I make it across. I wonder what the most attempts are before making it? I’m guessing a lot more than 6 tries.

Record holder will be highlighted in the OP. Informal but let’s be honest and have a good laugh. “Lost count around X…” is also an acceptable submission.

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The Stingray Jump. Lost almost all my cash :smiley: Fell like 7-8 times. Was recording video too, but It was too long so I removed few jumps. Pretty annoying, but once you get used to it, it’s OK :wink:

I’ll round up for the suspense. Ha.

I can see why you would say these things, but I only ever failed the stingray jump because I was all out of booster. I guess I am just lucky. The jump in Serenity’s Waste towards Concordia’s area transfer is another story. I seem to get better results (i.e. dying less and therefore losing money is power stacks at fewer occasions) when not boosting with a normal moon buggy.

Stingrays are easier to maneuver: boost a little, slam, boost while recovering from the slam for added height. I know that’s a common tip but I am doing this almost always when taking on a jump. Hasn’t backfired so far.

Not for me. I prefer the moon buggies because they’re easier for me to maneuver and I don’t think I’ve ever had an issue with the Concordia jump, while I have missed the Stingray jump more than once in a row. I stopped counting because of how annoying it is for me to attempt. I hate the fact that the Stingray’s boost seems to operate differently than the moon buggy’s. It would be nice if GBX could make that jump easier or boost the Stingray’s boost to help us old farts who have issues jumping in the damned things.

I was having issue with jumping back to Serenity Waste before hotfix or patch about it happened. It was only possible by jumping and trying to land on the right side, but this was patched frw days after release.

Would you rather have this floaty little one-person vehicle go faster when boosting? I know I don’t. Its hovering mechanic would make for more than just a handful of accidental deaths because it doesn’t stop as easily as the buggy does. Although the story jumps would probably be easier, plainly because the Stingray hovers a few feet higher than the buggy, the rest of the vehicle would feel awkward. Think of trying to ram something with it, for example. You miss and drift away from your target, if there is no wall (or cliff) to stop you. Pulling the handbrake to make the vehicle stop or redirect itself faster doesn’t work with hovering cars.

Way back at release, my first successful crossing of the jump in Serenity’s Waste was on foot.

I never had any problem with stingray jumps but that f#%&§* jum in the regolith range realy bothers me because of that $%§$&#ß bumpy road. When playing my characters for the first time I almost always hit the other end and Janey starts with her dialog and before my character answers he is dead. Of course once that dialog is triggered you can’t hear it again…

THAT is the jump I was referencing in the OP. Misery loves company.

Doesn’t the Moon Buggy’s steering seem awfully loose? Absolutely no stability while driving. I much prefer the Stingray for this reason but it’s hover/jump mechanic is just awkward.

Regolith got me a bunch one day for some reason.

Stingray jump is harder. I’m guessing they had to make these pretty large gaps otherwise players would get across early without using the intended method.

The worst part is you can usually tell when you’re not gonna make it so you have to sit there and watch your imminent demise! LOL

I’ve never made it back from the concordia side of serenitys waste … :frowning: 6 consecutive fails with the stiggray jump

I hate the vehicles in TPS - don’t really see why they had them…apart from the 3 jumps

This jump in particular seems like a one-way jump even though you have ramps from both sides.

They should track how many deaths you have falling into those chasms and maybe open up an easier way once it hits 3 (similar to the falling in Tiny Tina’s DLC).

Maybe she comes over the radio and says, “ooops, I almost forgot we could turn on a jump booster on our side”.

The jumps aren’t that bad to me but I’m sure they are very bad to some. And it requires a little more vehicle precision than people are used to in Borderlands. There are two in Borderlands 1 I can think of (one early and one in knoxx) and none in BL2 that I can think of.

BL 2 had one: where you had to jump into that place in the Dust to do that idiot’s quest involving volley balls and a net. If you were good, you could probably just jump off of the cliff on foot, but it was much easier to use a vehicle. Now if those two required jumps were that easy, I wouldn’t be complaining. :angry:

True. And I am fairly certain that only side quests required that jump. I often did that area as it was fun.

The vehicle boost relic could have helped if needed.

Do oz kits affect vehicles in TPS? I didn’t see any that call out vehicles but maybe that could explain why the jump seems hard sometimes. I’ll have to try acrobat kit.

I must be missing something. I’ve never had a problem with Stingray jumps since getting used to the way it works. If you build up some vertical momentum from the ramp, then hit the booster right near the end of it, you should soar high over the gap, and have plenty of time to float slowly to the ground on the other side. I usually go way past the edge before touching down, and I’ve even climbed buildings with the thing, because of the ramp+boost vertical goodness.