Why do vehicle weapons not scale with Mayhem?

See title. Vehicles go from fun to liabilities, with getting out of the car whenever another vehicle shows up necessary. Is there a design reason for this?


It will be “fixed” at 25th of June


The same reason that action skills don’t scale with mayhem… And grenades don’t scale with mayhem… And vehicle health doesn’t scale with mayhem… And weapons don’t reasonably scale with mayhem…

The only thing that mayhem scales is enemy health and damage…


Does it though? I believe mayhem scales; XP, loot & enemy health, armor & shields.

Nothing is listed as dmg, unless you’re talking mayhem modifiers, then if you choose, enemies can do more dmg but still don’t scale with mayhem levels.

Vehicles would then maybe turn out to be fun and useful. Can’t have that.


This was an issue at end game in BL2 where vehicles were a flat out menace to your health and survival because they burst into flames when an enemy looked at them wrong and oddly they didn’t learn anything.

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In the current Mayhem 10 environment.
Skills anoint MOD AF is synergized to maximize damage output
Would GBX really think that much about damage scaling of the vehicle?
The SMG buffs in this update don’t look promising…

As I’m diving into more Mayhem, shield damage (not shield health) also drives me nuts, as it not scaling makes things like novas and spikes useless, killing some shields’ usability. Plus grenade damage… and melee …

Basically, everything but guns seems to get screwed.

With the Phase 2 patch they pretty much wanna fix everything that’s wrong with the game right now. That gotta be one helluva patch. I’m very sceptical, but happy to be proven wrong.

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They would need to make another game to fix everything what’s wrong with this one :shushing_face:

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The story is salvageable with DLC plot, but they would have to be very careful about how they do it, and give it the time it needs. The only reason I have hope is all the Kreig teasers; if he shows up, he’s going to be pissed and want answers, which would force certain parties to fess up and deal with consequences.