Why do very few people play boldur?

I’ve been wondering this for a while I started to play boldur and hes amazing. He’s a great tank and with the right build he can decimate enemy battleborn. But I see boldur in like 1 out of 50 matches, why do people not like him?


He is really fun to play but I usually don’t pick him unless I have good teammates backing me up. I feel like I just get focused otherwise.

Boldur is very good, but he is very level dependent and it can be difficult to get to level 5 if the rest of your team isn’t doing a good job of controlling.


Boldur can be super disruptive. My favorite 1v1 in this game pitted me as Kelvin vs an enemy Boldur in an epic struggle at one of the thrall capture points on Overgrowth.

Played against one the other day that was causing major havoc on our rent lines, allowing teammates to have their way with us.

I’ve tried playing him, though, and I’m terrible at him. I get too defensive and depend on the shield too much, which doesn’t work.

all i know is i hate him and his shield that has infinite hp.

i also hate when the pugs on my team try desperately tto kill him when he has miko spam healing him behind him.

Master of Boldur here, first thing I went for.
Boldur is best.


I don’t play Boldur simply because I killing stuff quickly

I think he’s great, but I find his playstyle fairly boring. He attacks pretty slowly even after you upgrade his attacks speed and I don’t like sitting there with his shield up all the time. I prefer quick characters so for me it’s basically just how he handles.

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I find mostly experienced players use Boldur, lower level players don’t know how to utilise him yet so they play someone simpler. Being Australian I get matched against a lot of Japanese and a lot of Japanese teams have a Boldur, he’s a monster and my last pick to fight against.

I used to think otherwise, then I used to ignore him, now I’m particularly wary on Incursion.



I love that most people don’t know his kit though so people just shoot at my shield and I just get all the heals


I’ve never liked playing as dwarfs in games. Why, when I could play as an Elf? :wink:

But yeah, this is an odd thing. Boldurs kit is pretty amazing, when I first tried him (just Soloing through Void’s Edge) I thought his potential was off the charts!
But characters that only shine at high levels are very high risk; You really need a competent team to be of any use. In Pugs that’s a big gamble. So high level wreckers are much more uncommon than early game stars.

Lol I have asked this very same question but for a completely different reason. When I was playing Rath, Thorn, and Orendi I HATED him. Horrible to fight against the little devil, and seeing him rarely was a grace haha, but then I picked up Deande and she can melt Boulder really well post level 3 with her Knockup mutation. It is beautiful and as her I loved playing against Boulder (for vengeance of course >:D) but he never shows up ;(

I’ve never found Boldur to have much influence in matches. Even ones he gets a lot of kills. He’s easy to avoid, and usually if you ignore him and kill his team that’s all it takes.

I know. I’ve been trying to work on lore for all characters and I never get a Boldur on my team for Thorn’s lore. I’ve played against him a few times though.

I started waiting to pick last and I pick Boldur in the hopes that more people will want to play him too.


His early game is very weak. Leveling can be a major pain. But his late game is amazing.

Mostly players, it seems, don’t like that kind of progression curve. Which is fine. More Boldur for me :smiley:

Friends and I just for the heck of it all went Boldur on The Experiment advanced.
What a mess! :smile:

Each of us has their fav of the given characters and for me neither Boldur, Atticus or kelvin are fun for long.
In BL2 my goto is Krieg though. Still wish he had Butt Slam.

It kind of depends on the pvp mode. Hes really good but like most people his early game isnt really that great and unless you like tanking and not killing he can be a little boring. Probobly one of the few characters who fill the tank role the most.

Hehe… his shield doesn’t have infinite HP, but man is it tough!

He’s useful only as a distraction. He attacks so slow it’s laughable. Oh no here comes a Boldur/Miko train, OK, well I will simply ignore them and go about my business.