Why do we expect the devs to fix things instantly?

Ah, so you’re defending a gamebreaking bug in another game that isn’t gamebreaking to you, but the same logic applied to BL3 doesn’t apply?

The game crashing in BL3 doesn’t stop you progressing. It just slows you down. Lag? Just slows you down. Anything can be claimed to be “not gamebreaking”. I’m not being serious with this, just for the record.

I’m not experiencing the issues you are. I completely believe they exist without having to see evidence, but I don’t see them myself. I’m not challenging you that they exist, nor am I downplaying your frustrations with the game.

But people need to stop pretending that this is a unique thing or that Gearbox are somehow making childish mistakes in their code. Games have bugs. It’s not reasonable to catch them all before release. This is unfortunately how it is. All you and I can hope is that they’re fixed as soon as possible.

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People who don’t experience bugs can absolutely be lucky. I understand your frustrations, I do.

I just don’t have much time for people that claim other games are magically better. Not when the last game I bought full price was Mass Effect: Andromedia :wink:

(and I liked the game, but that’s besides the point)

You need to understand that I’m replying to someone else. Top-right of the post. Refer to my reply to you, please.

Again, what you linked wasnt even remotely gamebreaking. Its just some NPCs missing for dialogue. It doesnt help w/ immersion, but it doesnt affect anything. iirc it might stop you from getting an achievement, cant remember.

And you dont have menu lag? You can load up splitscreen just fine? Cuz everyone has those issues. It’s not some rare bug that they need to find the cause of. You cant play on consoles without issues, they couldnt have just not noticed because they were playing on a different rig.

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I don’t know, losing several characters for a minimum of two chapters sounds gamebreaking to me (especially in a game where the plot matters). You’re really splitting hairs at this point, which is weird. This was the first thing I found on one of Rockstar’s most recent games. I’m 100% sure I could find many more.

And no, I don’t have the menu lag. None that I’m noticing anyhow. I’m losing some frames occasionally, but I’m accepting that because my processor (though decent) is aging and min-spec (i5-3570K).

Consoles definitely from the reports seem to have more issues compared to the PC. It’s also less understandable from purely a technical perspective that bugs are more common there than on PC, but we also don’t know how much attention was given to each platform. I’m not defending this, simply explaining it.

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Okay. now that my thread is reopened, I think everyone is calm enough to think

Gearbox has stated that they want to not work their employees to death. so they have days off. these people have lives. just like you. Yeah, they might work overtime towards the end to get it done, but there is a max time you can work before you start to break down.

these people have families. they probably want to play videogames as well. If they have young children, they might only be able to play for about an hour or less.

And to the people who say they should have abandoned battleborn, that would be a scam. They made a game, they released a season pass, and they released the things on the season pass. If they had abandoned it, The everyone who bought the season pass, including me, would have been scammed.


I agree. As I’ve said, I totally get people feeling aggrieved or frustrated with glitches, and everyone (including, I think, Gearbox… who are not scam artists) want a great game that doesn’t break on us. But I have understanding about why it won’t be perfect, especially if problems aren’t replicated for everyone.

I can’t remember ever playing a perfect game. Gbx has put a lot more effort into the Borderlands series than I expected or required which makes me more than willing to trust that stuff will improve. Basically, I think there’s a lot of grounds for optimism as well as frustration.


I think the “fix it instantly” mentality comes from people thinking fixing bugs means flipping a few switches then going home to a frosted whiskey. It’s more like investigating a chain of events, understanding how they all interact, and trying to recreate the problems, then hopefully finding a way to rewrite code to fix the issue without damaging something else.

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I previously mentioned that ‘instantly’ was not my terminology of choice. However my biggest gripe with all the broken issues is that I have little hope of them being fixed soon.

On August 30th, seasonal content was announced - the Bloody Harvest. The game wasn’t even out, and content was already developed enough for this event, that they were confident to say that a month after release we will have new stuff.

That content took hours away from potentially finding and fixing the problems we now face. That promise keeps hours away from developing a much needed patch. That promise came with a deadline, and while I’m sure it (or a slightly different version of it) will come around next year…

My problem is I spent 100 dollars for EVERYTHING… Not a broken game, not content I’ll likely have to try and lag through (if that’s even going to be possible) , not a vacation that I scheduled so I could enjoy it with everyone else.

And when you look at what I got vs what I was promised already, I just feel that skipping this first Halloween to actually do some testing on the coding - to be a better development studio than the status quo would have been the only reasonable decision on the table.


The people working on content are unlikely to be the same people fixing specific performance issues, or implementing new features. Additionally, this kind of work can be done in parallel to the go-live stretch when the art team is unlikely to be working on assets.

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Right, but just because they themselves don’t fix issues - doesn’t mean they can’t get on multiple platforms to test various stages/aspects of the game and report their findings to the ones responsible for those repairs.

Do you honestly believe that thourough testing was done in this game?

are they bug testers though? would you expect your employees to not only do one thing, but also test for bugs in their free time, the time they spend with their family?

QA often aren’t programmers themselves. There’s a whole other topic about QA in video games (even in software, it’s not treated with the respect I feel it deserves, and it’s viewed as an entry point into higher “ranked” jobs in the industry), but I do need to note that even if QA raise something that late in development, it’s unlikely to delay go-live especially if the gold date approaches.

As for what I think? I have no idea. I don’t know their budget, their milestones, the relative complexity of the game. I can only guess at these things. In an ideal world, games wouldn’t be made for money! This would resolve the resource problem (would probably affect release dates, though).

However, in this world currently, sacrifices are made between both the developer and a potential customer. They could’ve done almost no testing (very unlikely), or they could’ve done 80 hours a week apiece for two months and still not caught everything (also unlikely, but there are a lot of horror stories about QA working hours out there). It’s really a difficult metric to judge. I’m not trying to fence sit here, I literally cannot give a decent estimate. All I can say is it would always be nice to have more.

I’m an idealist. Even in the real non-idealistic world we live in, I’d always want developers to have more time on a game. But that decision isn’t something the developers themselves necessarily control.

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I’m not sure why family is being pulled into the argument… My position was that instead of focusing on live releases of temporary nature, the core game should have been prioritized. To that end, everyone should be considered a bug tester - QA is all about just trying everything out and keeping to the NDA. Having done this before, I believe that any company putting the game in front of their employees for just a couple hours a day can effectively the vet the coding over the course of months. They started putting it in front of streamers in either June or July right?

I’m not saying they’re guaranteed to catch everything, but if the effort was made these major issues would have been noticed. And as I mentioned they progressed far enough into development of this holiday content they felt safe promising it to us back in August. While I’ve seen plenty of people discussing the fact things run smoothly on their pc even though others have problems with their computers… I’ve seen zero people on console saying their co op works smoothly. Even just having one of each console in the office for people to play on during breaks or other down time would’ve revealed how poor the menu system works. From what I gather the only testing that was completed was on PC though, and that’s a right shame.

For the record, I can’t imagine a world where games aren’t made for the money… At least not one in this genre. Eve Online is a game all about space exploration economies, how would the inspiration for that super successful mmo even have come about without capitalism?

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So many things to respond to

days off, famlies, etc… I can go many ways with this. It’s the job they chose, they get highly compensated (if not they picked the wrong job) it’s not like they are putting a roof on a house in the summer heat, it’s an office job

We all have jobs and lives and famlies

on the flip side, they knew BL was a A1 title for them they should have staffed up

battleborn or whatever else they were doing should have been done by the C team, the A and even B team should have been dedicated to BL since the last DLC for the last game.

I can play this all day.

Gearbox dropped the ball, why could be a hundred different reasons but at the end of the day I expect all hands on deck to fix it ASAP

In my line of work heads would have all ready rolled but for some reason game companies get a pass and I have no idea why.

I think what it comes down to is gearbox is a small company and just can’t handle a A1 tile as complex as this one is from the writing to performance issues to what the fans wanted and expected from an A1 title.