Why do you do this to me Gearbox

First Battleborn comes out on the Overwatch beta. Which I was fine with, since it was just a beta and your items didn’t carry.

But now when Overwatch is about to come out. The same day you’re able to get the new charater in Battleborn.

Why must you do this to me. What sins have I done to deserve this punishment?

This is the sort of situations coins were made for.

No, not as an agreed-upon currency for replacement of the barter system, don’t be stupid.

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When is the last time you even sacrificed 9 animals for Odin?!

Seriously though. Have you seen how awesome she looks?

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I think it’s because I drank the blood of the animals. And gave him only cold corpses.

But yea. She looks pretty badass. Defiantly going to try and play her.

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Rath player detected. Haha!

BB was announced for may 3 long before OW flirted the idea of open beta. Alani on OW release is totally the reciprocal response. Play both.

Alani vs Mae?

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Acccccck. I’ve never actually played Rath. If anything I’m a Whisky player.

Think they call it tit for tat.