Why do you keep messing with Rath's Ult?

So I was ok with the cooldown increase, it made it so you have to use it well to guarantee ONE KILL ON A FLIMSY CHARACTER, LUCKY IF YOU HAD TWO OR THREE MORE CHARACTERS IN THE MIX, his playstyle revolves on getting in and getting out for kills, he does not wave clear, he does not protect a point, he does not support anybody, he’s an assassin, and now you’re crippling more the one thing that secures him to be a good assassin, one less sec mean 6 ticks less of damage, this means that ALL TANKS, KLEESE, EL DRAGON, MELKA, THORN, PHOEBE, MIKO, CALDARIUS, DEANDE, ALANI, ORENDI , S&A POST THE OCTO UPDATE AND GHALT, AND THIS IS LITERALLY HALF THE ROSTER, compared to all melee attackers, his ult aside from Attikus is the easiest ult to disrupt and escape with any of the characters i mentioned above and he’s supposed to fall in the easy category that means that he’s supposed to be easy to use and understand, right now you can’t, you have to know when to get in, when to use your move, who to fight and who to save if it falls to that, im an exceptional Rath main player and even then i still have problems dealing with these characters even with his ult that i barely use it if its not to secure a kill cuz every experienced player knows how to deal with his ult now and don’t get me started on what happens if i couldn’t secure the kill, in short is CC up the darkest place in his body, Rath early game sucks if you’re not an experienced Rath player, and im pretty that after the update (not even with the health buff) every melee attacker will outshine and outperform Rath and he’s literally the main reason why I play this game, Rath is going the same place where ISIC is going and i really hate if that would happen.


So while I think I can read this, would you mind making your paragraph into more than one sentence?
His ult will still shred minion waves and anyone who’s remotely squishy. It’s still ridiculous damage and lifesteal, especially with skill damage gear. He has good wave clear with support, and although he needs to be played well to do great, he’s fairly straightforward at low skill levels. One to three spin you’re dead. Run away. Repeat. Easy does not mean easy to win, it means easy to do okay with. I don’t get your part about held the roster as the tangent seems to end there. All ik is this update seems to be based off of the available data. The data that said (in the stream before the big July update) that he was their best killer. Now… he won’t be. Neither will El dragon though. Likely Phoebe will rise up once more


So I agree that nerfing raths ult is pretty uncalled for both in the first instance and the next one(if they drop the duration it should have its cooldown put back to before 1st nerf.) but I assure you he will still be pretty decent. Now el dragon on the other hand will become the weakest character in the gane ever hands down (haven’t played the beta so I mean since launch)

JESUS DUDE, use some periods. @epicender584 may have beaten me to it but seriously, all the commas makes it so much harder to read.

On to the actual topic, this nerf will impact Rath greatly but remember that he is also getting a health buff. 200 points might not seem like much in but believe me, it will be great for Rath. He will definitely still be viable.

I main Rath and most of my kills don’t even come from Dreadwind. I just keep it ready in case my enemies group up or if I absolutely need to kill a squishy character (someone like a skilled Orendi).


You wanna know why? Rath ult can deal around 2200-2500 dmg. I pushed him back but god damit he is stupid fast without shield.

I got murdered from his ult only, no extra help or any other attack. So his ult is stupid good specially with skill focused gear and hélix.


Well yeah. He’s supposed to take people on easily in 1v1. Also most people don’t go for the movement speed at level 7 because the 18% damage or the slow mutation is better.

If Rath catches you by yourself then he will likely kill you unless you are a tank. The trick to getting away from his Ult is any CC in the game. Stun Knock back/up, pull, silence will cancel it and slow or blind will make it much harder for him to hit you. He can silence you to prevent this but he can’t silence everyone. Like I said he’s good at 1v1 but if you have a teammate near you, you should be fine.

Dende ult cant do that, phoebe ult cant do that, its all about área of effect, movility and power.

El dragón can but is getting nerfed.


In exchange, they all have very good escape. Rath doesn’t have good escape, the best thing he has is his double jump which is not nearly as good as Holotwin, Phasegate and Closeline. Rath is focused on damage as a trade off for decreased mobility.

Deande’s Ult can do over 1000 damage to a single target and stun them leaving them vulnerable to teammates. Phoebe doesn’t rely on her Ult for her damage, it’s all about her primary attack and truestrike. El Dragon’s Ult can destroy people but since he’s getting the nerf hammer brought down on him like Alani at release, I can’t say much there.

Last point, Phoebe Deande and El Dragon all have better melee than Rath. Each of them can actually rely on just melee to melt someone’s health and use skills to finish them off or escape. Rath needs to use his skills for half his damage and can’t rely on just melee.

Maybe you dont like its +30% movement speed and his double jump. As rath i save my skills for fleeing targets or to escape.

Cross blade and run is stupid good, specially with the slow and speed boost. Also his legendary is sprint speed. With rath i never had a problem getting away.

Hollowtiwn used as an escape is a waste of dmg and her ult also force her to stay there (you can get her out of her ult with smash or destroy her with your ult). El dragón is stupid good thats why he is getting nerfed and phoebe vs rath, rath wins (run in circles).

Rath is rly good he hits faster than deande, has a small sustain that gets improved by gear and hélix and have a 360° hit ( like el dragón but he is getting nerfed)


Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Deande? Better? Melee? Than Rath? What kind of hitboxes and spin attacks do you got on your Deande?


Dont be mean D:

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It may have been a tad much. But I did cut down the laughing by a good amount!

I know that the hit box on Rath’s attack is WAY bigger and she lacks a spin but I’m saying in terms of straight up damage. Rath is easier to hit with by far, but Deande’s melee damage is significantly higher than Rath’s.

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Okay. I don’t play Rath so I wouldn’t know but that makes more sense

In a 1vs1 all what rath need to do is quick meele then walk backwards while hiting! Is so funny see deande trying to hit you while you move slowly away and cuting her pretty face.

Maybe deande hits harder but rath is has a faster movment speed, attack speed and reach. Move around deande and she wont land a single hit.

Deande base dmg is like 73 and rath 55.


I’m not really comparing the assassins against each other but more each assassin against the other Battleborn in general. If it comes down to the assassins fighting each other, that’s more situational.

Rath vs. Dragon would be a matter if Rath gets stunned before using Catalytic Smash or if Dragon gets silenced first. Rath vs Phoebe can go either way. Rath can walk in circles around her like you said but not if he’s affected by phase gate’s slow. In that case Phoebe’s melee will out damage Rath. Rath vs Deande… I’m not actually sure. I’ve never really fought Deande much as Rath or vice versa.

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I know that using Holotwin as an escape sacrifices a lot of damage but it still can be used for escape as well as damage. It is a very versatile .

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W.e dude. Have fun in battleborn.

I don’t understand that last comment. Can you elaborate?

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Play the game and enjoy shredding varelsis with rath