Why do you keep nerfing

Why do they keep on insisting on nerfing things all you’re doing is taking the fun out of the games for people making builds and stuff like that to be able to get through harder difficulties I was just going to happen if people are going in want to quit playing and move on to another game and say forget this game it’s a good game has a lot of possibility especially if you quit nerfing things and fix things that need fixed and of course create a way that you can put more stuff in The Volt instead of having a completely shared between 4 or whatever characters cuz some people want to be able to have enough stuff in there for each and every character would I have to worry about filling up their inventory and what they would have to drop and not job in case they get something really good Borderlands 2 every character had their own volt and then had a small volt to share items which you need is have two separate volts the normal volt that the character can store items specifically for that character of course 40 items or more and then a shared volt that are 40 items or more for shared characters so you don’t have to keep going from one character to another to trade items over


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