Why do you like the night hawkin?

I have several with great rolls and anointments and it always underperforms on mayhem 3. What am I missing with this ever popular gun?

I can destroy with it on M3 so I don’t know what you are missing

What character are you using? It seems to do okay at night but the frost damage is super lacking even on Zane.

Love that SMG
Are you checking what modifications are active when playing.
I do believe the fire seems stronger but the ice freezes them easily.
If you have certain artifacts you would do even more damage when frozen.

I want one. Haven’t gotten a drop yet. Is there any place to farm it with better chances?

I think it’s great, powerful and ammo efficient, but not a great reliable source of cryo for CCC Zane in my opinion with its special effect. Still dope though. Had to stop using it for a bit cause so long as modifiers were neutral it killed everything too easy, cut through shield and armor like butter. Maybe it’s just pretty good on Zane and less so for other classes? Haven’t tried it on my Moze yet but I’d think it’d probably still be good.