Why does Amara's annointing's get +300% dmg but Zane only gains +75%?

Out of all the annointing’s on gear, Amara’s +250%/+300% damage after using certain skills are by far the best in the game. Why does Zane get shafted with only +75% after swapping with Digi-clone? Or FL4K’s +25% crit after Rakk Attack which is really low also in comparison to Amara. I just don’t get it.


perhaps amara doesn’t have many +gun damage skills? i can’t remember if she do, that could be a reason but i then again, if that’s the case then she would be balanced around annoitment gear. so yeah, i actually can’t think of anything…

i’ve got a butcher with 300% weapon damage after phaseslam, it kinda of wrecks.

She has plenty.


Because their actual action skills are better than amaras which are terrible (amara main) phase slam you have a 35 second cooldown for a one shot attack that can’t even kill a regular mob

It’s no coincidence that despite those huge bonuses Amaras best build is the one action skill that doesn’t get those buffs is it?

zane can do that 75% dmg over 30 sec amara can do it for 6 seconds every 35 sec - cool down buffs

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Amara’s innate +gun skills are kinda meh. She has some decent bonuses, but it’s nothing much if you compare to someone like Moze who gets insane direct gun damage bonuses out the wazoo in her skill trees.

Also the uptime is not 100% as mentioned above, so I guess she’s bursty type and that’s why.

It becomes even more powerful once you get enough cooldown reduction from gear and Guardian Ranks (Topped Off). You can have 100% uptime against bosses and sometimes while mobbing if you’re careful. I don’t think Annoitments are balanced. It’s to early to tell, but that Phaseslam Annoitment is definitely one of the better ones.


The 300% is melee Damage right?

Melee usually has a higher number as most of the buff are additive and there is less gears/ skill tree to scale from compare to gun skills.

If you ask me , they should have a powerfist or something like regular weapon so you can have generic scaling instead of segmented scaling.

Amara get bonus MELEE damage, which is additive with all of her other bonus, also melee kinda suck.

Fl4k either get : +25% critical hit damage, or enemy take +50% damage (all type all sources) which is totally broken considering that you can spam rakk with the good build (But rakk themselves suck ball, so it’s one lost for one found)

Zane bonus absolutely suck balls, but the whole character need an uplift

Now if you want to see what actually suck, look at Moze : ■■■■■■ bonus, super long CD, and worst, the Iron bear is a “Must not use” depending on your build.

Zane is not female so he will have to take it and keep his mouth shut. :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. The +250% annointments after Phasecast are weapon damage, not melee.
  2. Her melee build doesn’t suck at all. It’s extremely powerful if you have the right gear for it, including the +300% annointed weapons, a Breaker com with +1 in Find Your Center, etc.
    You can pretty much 1-2 shot many mobs at that power level.