Why does armored abaddon mount not take crit while flesh mount does?

what am i missing claerly flesh health bar rides take crit in the head/mouth but armored one does not

same with challenge boss abbadoxis it is like saturn there is no crit on that thing

i also struggle to crit some of the maliwan mechs but don remember exact names i know it is core that should take crit but that is one weird enemy

Midriff / lower chest I find works reliably for Maliwan mechs (point up slightly into the abdomen).

I treat Abbadons like I treat TVHM+ Ramtauruses. As a giant pain in the behind. Never figured out how to crit either of them reliably.

at least those receive crit in the eye holes

Talking about shiz you can’t crit have you ever managed to crit Sylestro? he seems he has no crit point either?

fairly sure they have same crits as other maliwan spec ops and heavies they die so fast i never noticed not criting

nope his backpack tank does not crit like other heavies which has always intrigued me

i have farmed him pretty hard when trevenator got a buff an never noticed but i can not bet my head on it.