Why does bear fist not count as melee damage?

i was planning on making a ironbear build where i maul people with the bear fists, but it doesnt seem to count as a melee attack? ive tested static charge, commander planetoid, elemental stones, white elephant, brawler ward, etc, and nothing works. i dont understand why this wouldnt count as melee damage. like for build diversitys sake i feel it should be converted to melee. am i wrong here? am i just being dumb and it is melee, or what have your experiences been? it just seems bear fists sorta suck and sense they cant even get melee modifers (white elephant for vampyr) they just really ■■■■■■■ suck hard

I THINK wild swing is splash? Which would make it, in a sense, a commander Planetoid white elephant? Idk for sure though…where’s nat, I think he had success freezing things and Bear punching…

You have to summon the Lord of Melee. @nat_zero_six