Why does Co-op game even have friedly fire?

As a Moze main, this really gets on my nerves. All the common annoyances with Moze aside, I still like her, but recently i got bored with Monarch and came back to bloodletter/deathless demolitionist and was really happy with the gameplay until I went to co-op. None of my teammates can go a minute without being instakilled by me.
So I either completely abandon what is arguably the best way to play Moze, or limit my gear to shock weapons and force everyone to wear a transformer.
I am fine with self damage, but friendly fire just ruins everything.

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Moze even kills herself in the current state of the game
An other issue of weapon scaling
(Or friendly fire)

Can’t say I’ve noticed friendly fire. The closest to it would be getting caught in environmental explosions such as barrels. Which is why I learned to keep an eye out for barrels and stay away, or make sure to detonate them from afar.

Splash damage hurts everyone in the game
If you ask me, they could just deactivate it.
But that would probably buff launchers too much


deactivating it all together including self dmg would be too much, I agree with self dmg as a high risk high reward mechanic. But hurting your team is nothing but pointles and hurts gameplay. Most of the time you can’t even see your teammates in all the mayhem let alone shot in a way that would not hurt them.

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The Backburner, Jericho(mortar mode), and Wedding Invitation(IIRC) all deal friendly damage. I have a friend that SWEARS that the Recursion ricochets also deal friendly damage but I haven’t experienced it.

I don’t play much co-op myself, but I totally agree. She’s got a skill to double the radius of her splash damage for cryin’ out loud. And she’s expected to play with Amara, who has skills that encourage melee and being in close proximity to the enemies. :roll_eyes:

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I have played with Shock/corrosive/fire Recursion on coop without problems, but maybe radioactive Recursion could cause problems with enemies exploding?

I’m not sure what he was implying, I have had zero issues with my Recursion killing me. But he gets pissed when I use it.

When did splash damage start causing friendly fire damage? I know the Jericho does it, and I’ve heard the backburner does too now, but general splash never did before. Aside from barrels which hurt everyone. Is this something that started happening in one of the last patches?

I dont think it is all splash damage. Maybe I will do some testing with someone.
In any case there are weapons that do so, and IMO that should never be the case.

The feeling when you find a new fun build and having to chuck it right away cause your friends can’t play with you is seriously discouraging…

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Beats me. I’ve never had any problems Torgue-ing things up all around friendlies. Self-damage can be dangerous, of course. But in my heart I know that really doesn’t matter.

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Yea, I’ve never had an issue before either. The Tunguska in BL2 would down friendlies if you dropped it right after firing, and of course the one offs in BL3. But in general splash is friend friendly. That is, unless something has changed recently.

So I did some testing with various weapons and elements, and only issues were with Jericho and Backburner. That really begs a question WHY?
Nevertheless it is what it is, and I doubt GB cares to do anything about it, so I’ll just have to stick with Plaguebearers for now.