Why does Conflux even exist? And why is it on so many Class Mods?

What’s the point?

It ticks for 120-180 dmg when my normal dots tick for 6-12k… any class mod with it on is just a waste of potential.

Or am i missing something?

it is useful in phaserker build to proc stack quicker . Also for boosting several element at the same time with ele projector. May have others uses I dont know about

but wouldn’t a phasezerker build use the phasezerker com and get the stack instantly anyways? i mean it is on the phasezerker com for no apparent reason if you ask me.

ele projector i can see but then more than one point is always a waste

it is quicker with conflux but yeah optional

I really wish they buffed the damage so it was actually worth picking up

My vote goes to either increase the damage substantially, or alternatively, reduce the damage and increase the chance. As it stands, the damage is immaterial on enemies, but it can pose a hazard to the player in some circumstances while self dotting. If they don’t increase the damage, at least go all in and make it clear its just for self dotting/rush stacks.

Actually came here to search for that. I’ve had several instances where my singly point in Conflux (granted by a COM and not specced into) seems to catch me in a loop of DOT procs- it’s very similar to getting staggerlocked by the RPG-wielding BAs we all know and love.
I’ve counted upward of twenty sharp ‘thumps’ as my shield and health disappear, and this is something I’ve been able to duplicate not just with enemies in melee range but anything with a hitbox.
As an old Gaige hand, shooting out skag piles is second nature but here I’m dicing with death.
Is this really intended?


What does Conflux damage scale off of?

Nothing, its a set amount based on your level and the max points in the skill itself from all testing shows. Moxsy put out a video a few weeks ago that shows it has synergy with the Spiritual Driver COM and the three primary elemental 50% bonus damage ASE Anointments, but that seems to be the only significant use for it. And since I doubt they made the Driver concept so far ahead of its release, they obviously somehow expected the skill itself to be much more useful than it has been to be on so many other COMs.

Amara has a pretty disruptive offset to her Legendary COMs that way, only a couple have any worthwhile skills to them and generally only one that you have to farm to get a 5/5 version of. Moxsy also just put out a build that uses a 5/5 Tempest drop on the Nimbus COM, for example. Only the Driver itself and maybe the Golden Rule have any reasons to allocate a 3 and 2 between two different skills.


Thanks, given the numbers it makes sense that it scales off if our level so I can just pray the scaling is exponential so if when we get a level cap increase it will have some uses.

As far as looking at her other mods I feel like the best skills some offer cap at 3 points, like breaker and golden rule. All that extra elemental damage from 5 extra points in tempest sounds pretty fun though, especially with a brainstormerer.

Your twenty thumps bit? Yeah, happens to my Amara sometimes when farming in the Scraptrap Prime fight. I get hit by my own blowback from elements, etc and BAM I’m down.

IKR? In that fight you’re not exactly low on second wind fodder though (I’ll have nightmares about that horde of disordered psyches for a decade).
However, I’ve had it trigger a number of times when combat is over since that loop can proc on elemental residue which this game has far too much of to begin with.

Assuming I’m suffering a DOT I’m not sure why it interacts with said elemental puddles or non-elemental skag piles to cause several DOT procs since there’s nothing in the skill description to suggest I have an active aura or the like, but it’s very easy to test for in The Droughts which has an abundance of skags and oil pools.
I can imagine skills like Remnant, Wildfire or Do Unto Others bugging this way but when testing I didn’t have those. Conflux on or off by way of a COM was the literal difference between life and death, and that’s under very controlled circumstances.

Given the excess of DOTs in actual combat it can be harder to tell where procs are coming from and there’s always a chance that defensive skills offset the damage, but…I dunno, I’m cool with risk/reward builds but the sheer number of procs I sometimes get does not seem intended.

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It’s the new Blight Phoenix. Just piick something else.

very helpful answer… wouldn’t you rather have something at least worth a consideration to pick?

and btw. i can’t choose which skills are on legendary classmods, and it is on multiple ones.

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your level and nothing else it seems, oh and tempest increases its damage too

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Then just like pet damage I can only pray it scales better after a level cap increase.

You can pick literally anything else like I said in the blue tree. Just don’t put more than 1 point in Remnant, as it is the overkill damage that really does damage with this skill. More points only increase the base damage which is low at any rank.

it doesn’t change that this skill is utterly useless and useless skills shouldn’t be in skill trees, especially when they’re on multiple class mods


You won’t believe it, but I just found out there’s a overpowered build for Conflux. It can synergyze with the Spiritual Driver class mod, a Elemental Projector relic that boosts elemental damage to 90% and the Mindfulness skill.

Basically, every time you use your action skill on an enemy, with Conflux you have the chance to apply fire, shock or corrosive as well. The class mod then will also apply these effects to yourself, so you’ll have the 90% damage boost from the relic for all elements, while keeping the Mindfull stacks in the roof.

Yeah thats the one Moxsy made, but even at 5/5 points the chance is like, 35%. Not high enough to be worth the 5 point investment that far down the tree and taking away from other skills you could be using, in my opinion. Plus you need to have your ASE Anointments be the other two elements you aren’t using from your Action Skill Element, so if you want to use Radiation or Cryo it won’t work for you.