Why does cooldown timer start for an ability that failed to launch?

Example: click to fire oscar mike grenade, but get stunned before it actually launches.

Once unstunned, your grenade (THAT DIDN’T LAUNCH) is on cooldown.

It’s simple for skills that are activated but dont fire off if an enemy can time a CC the skill will go into cooldown that’s the whole point of CCing people out of skills so they can’t use them. This is fully intended and makes looking for signs way more useful than just throwing skills everywhere.

Yeah but it’s no different than the drink machine taking your money. No skill launch=no skill cooldown.

The big offender for me here is having a skill go on cooldown if you try to activate it while silenced.


If whoever designed the drink machine is smart enough to make it so that it takes your money and doesn’t give you the drink, and you knew this could happen, and it happened more than once already, they deserve your $1.50.

Sigh, this is why we can’t have nice things.

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This is the one that bugs me. I try and use ISIC’s dash to stun rath after he knocks me up, only to find its on CD. This has killed me so many times its not even funny.

Similar issue to op, whom I agree with in part.

I use quick cast. I aim my skills. Suddenly I’m sideswiped by Rath. I never actually cast the move, but it’s on full cd. I don’t mind a partial, like caldy when you hit a ceiling. But if I am aiming say… If I were a jerk and used Alani, and were aiming her ult, and got hit by any cc except a slow, it’s gone. Full cd. I understand that by aiming, you’re shortening the activation time, but not enough to justify a full cd, I think.

Agree with OP, this is absolutely stupid.
If the ability didn’t start, there is no reason to give a cooldown if CCed.
It’s a total waste of ability.

Imagine ANY other moba (one with top view) and you press Q to check the range of your ability and suddenly you get stunned, and so you lose your ability without even casting it.
+1 for logic

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Definitely shouldn’t put the skill on CD if you’re trying to aim it and get cc. But it still should work for interrupting spells that’s channeling like Rath’s spin 2 win of doom, that way you still need to consider when to spin and not get free kills because you’re unstoppable.

Been hating this mechanic for weeks. Go to aim something, get stunned, oh its now on CD…even though I never actually activated it to use it! UGH

thing that bugs me is when you click the skill then go on a jump pad

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Oh I thought op was saying when a skill is stopped partway through, like when caldy it’s charging his ult but before he actually launches. In that case, I completely agree. Also, should knockback actually cancel a move, or just… Ya know. Knockback?

Yup big difference between interrupting a spinning Rath and interrupting a shield toss.