Why does it need to be an Epic Games Store Exclusive?

The Epic games Store is not stable, it is defenetly not stable!!!
First I downloaded it like, 1 year ago, it bugged, I could not open it. Now 2 weeks ago I downloaded it again, I still can’t open it properly. So the question is simple, why will be the BR3 an Epic Games Store exclusive, when the platform is Sˇˇt??? Every fourth or fifth PC users can’t use the platform because the bugs… And now think those players (Including me) who will need to wait half a year, to start playing BR3, because that Sˇˇˇty platform. Does it really necessary Gearbox? Please don’t be an exclusive, I would gladly pay 2 times more to buy it on steam, rather than on Epic Games…

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Because Epic got the Fortnite millions. It’s all about money and the customer can go ■■■■ himself.


I believe it should be 2K here.

I also don’t like it but whatever. Anyway don’t we have an Epic complaint compilation thread already?

Nah, Randy Pitchford always supported Epic, and his reaction on Twitter about the whole controversy just says it all. He can pretend he had no control over this decision all he wants, but it’s very clear that he had.


Firstly, it was all discussed here

Secondly a decision was made by executives from all the companies in this thing. There’ll have been Gearbox representatives, there will have been 2K representatives, there will have been Epic representatives.

Epic offered a large sum of money and as is their default waived the fee for using UE to develop the game.

Personally, I’ve known people who will say “what’s the problem, a game is a game” and I’ve known people who say they’ll not touch Borderlands 3 at all because of this. I’ve also known people who’ve said they’ll not get it on PC and they’re glad they had a console for various exclusives they have.

The way I currently see it - this is basically setting a deadline for Epic. If they can’t get their store set up to the point of being reliably functional by the time the game launches it’s going to bring a lot of heat their way that they won’t want and will further damage their reputation. If they can pull it off they may manage to win back chunks of the community and eventually prove themselves as an alternative to steam (personally I’m doubtful).

I discussed this a while ago on discord and these screenshots come from 16 April 2019

After a quick skim, they’ve added a handful of the things in the 1-3 month window, but a lot of them need to come out in the next 2 weeks or they’ve failed. Sure, development comes with hiccups and delays quite often. But once you start playing in the big leagues and buy exclusivity of large, well-renowned games a lot of those features should be standard.


Didn’t he personally pocket a bonus $16,000,000 from selling Epic the 6 month exclusive?

Or is that incorrect?

Because if it isn’t, then the decision definitely wasn’t solely on 2K.

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Thanks, good info here.

That “Additional payment methods” and “Additional currencies” is going to bite really hard if they don’t get it sorted. And if EGS really wants to make the BL3 launch a signature success for them, they probably should have moved those goals up a while ago - there’s a whole thread complaining about the lack of any pre-order option in huge parts of the globe, including some pretty significant markets.


i like to be hopefull about this situation i hthink it will be alright and everyone will get the game they want

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Umm. No. Whatever the truth is about the accusations made against Randy P. they aren’t related to the Epic deal (The $12 million - not $16 million - was “a secret bonus from 2K for Borderlands” according to his accuser, Wade Callender, a man who wouldn’t have opened his mouth about anything if Gearbox hadn’t sued him first.)

I suggest waiting for the facts to come out before deciding Randy is guilty of anything more than being disliked by some people.

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