Why does it take so long to fix zane's skills that do not work as intended?

Does anybody know why other characters get slight adjustments but zane’s sntnl radiation and a lot of his skills that simply do not work
utility Belt : Zane gains resistance to non-elemental damage. Kill skill. All elemental damage Zane takes is converted to non-elemental damage.

if it worked i would not be constantly slowed while i have my kill skills up… it does not convert incoming elemental dmg into non elemental dmg which would make zane hella tanky.

Best Served Cold : Kill skill. Whenever Zane kills an enemy, they create a cryo nova, dealing damage to all nearby enemies. This skill has a short cooldown.

does not scale correctly barely does any damage

Violent Momentum : Zane’s gun damage is increased while moving. The quicker he moves, the greater the gun damage bonus.

does not get up to dmg values it should while moving at higher than base walking speeds. needs to be checked how it interacts with violent speed as well. simply does not do dmg

Cool Hand : Zane gains increased reload speed. Kill skill. After killing an enemy, Zane’s reload speed is increased for a few seconds.
values are too low for a kill skill even with DFC, imagine you had DFC +1 even adding 50% to base value of 5/5/ cool hand would be just okay… which is ridiculous.

Bad Dose : SNTNL occasionally shoots out a beam of radiation that weakens enemies and buffs Zane. For every weakened enemy, Zane’s movement speed and fire rate are increased. Weakened enemies have decreased movement speed and attack speed.

does not do any dmg pure utility, what does buffs zane even mean? how much are those buffs, should they scale during leveling?

Static Field : SNTNL emits a static field that sends a shock beam to nearby enemies, draining their shields and replenishing Zane’s.

values are a bit on the low side.

Praemunitus : Zane and his Digi-Clone gain increased magazine size.

round up the damn numbers on this thing!

Like a Ghost : Zane and his Digi-Clone gain a chance to ignore bullets. This chance is increased for a few seconds after activating an action skill. This effect stacks.

values are too damn low for tier 9000 skill

Boom. Enhance. : Whenever Zane summons his Digi-Clone, it consumes up to three grenades. For every grenade consumed, the Digi-Clone gains increased gun damage, max health, fire rate, and reload speed

apparently does not give listed boost.

Binary System : Whenever Zane swaps places with his clone, a cryo nova is triggered around Zane and his clone.
dmg is on a lower side

not even gonna ask to ever make double barrel consistently useful but cmon.


They have to find what value in their programs that dont work. They also are working on a lot of issues at once. I hope they fix it fast. they are hiring new people as well.

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too busy nerfin fl4k to do less dmg in action skill then out of it


this augment is situational to begin with, it’s not a DPS skill. it’s for crowd control / means to escape. it’s main purpose is it slow / freeze targets who get close or when you’re in the thick of things. it happens do do free damage as a bonus.

it’s a kill skill sure, it does damage, sure… but again, this skills main purpose isn’t the damage but the crowd control. it’s meant to freeze / slow grouped up enemies and chain of novas (3 sec cd, still) to faster freeze groups of enemies which in turn trigger other skills such as shield recharge and life steal.

that being said, i don’t main zane and i’m only level 18 on mine. but that’s how i interpret these 2 skills. i can’t comment on the rest.

yeah well i have hours on zane, and those skills barely do job especially best served cold which can be invested into 5 times i high tier! and does some 5k dmg…

5K AoE that you can trigger every 3 seconds that also slow / freeze isn’t terrible honestly if you ask me. fl4k’s pet for example almost never hit for 5k unless all the stars allign. :slight_smile:

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It is Terrible considering 5k is nothing on M3 and Zane already does least amount of dmg out of any vh by far


While I’m not disagreeing things need buffs, “working as intended” is not the same as “things that could be made to work more effectively”. Assume if not listed, I completely agree they sound like issues (but not necessarily simple issues).

  1. Utility Belt says nothing about actually being slowed - merely damage reduction (and conversion).
  2. Best Served Cold - balance issue, not something that isn’t working as intended. Borderlands has had historically poor scaling with skills like this (see: Phoenix skills in BL1 and 2).
  3. Cool Hand - balance issue. I know it sounds sucky me repeating this, but it could be working as intended - the intent could just be in the wrong place.
  4. Bad Dose - sounds like bad UI / poor explanation on tooltips? I haven’t specced into that.
  5. Static Field / Praemunitus / Like a Ghost / Binary System - all things that could likely do with buffs!

Your heart is definitely in the right place and I’d never argue with your Zane knowledge (been loving / lurking build threads as I go, luckily I already specced into Barrier and Cryo which turned out to be a pretty smart guess, hah). But you have to understand a lot of these are more about getting the right numbers than them not working as intended.

Well my titles are Always click baits xd indeed U can see that after each line it says what needs changing. When I say dmg is low that means it is number problem aka undertuned skills.

As to dmg conversion if incoming Cryo dmg was converted to kinetic,why should then I get slowed?

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My guess is that it specifically means the damage component, and that status effects are a separate layer. If it gave resistance to elemental effects as well it’d be an absolutely god-tier skill.

Like, I get you on the undertuned stuff. But fixing actual issues (like Violent Momentum) will require programming that isn’t the same as hotfixing damage values, or tweaking cooldowns, etc. That’ll probably require an actual patch (as supposed to a hotfix).

yup all i wonder about is that if that is acknowledged anywhere and listed as WIP for next patch or general goal.