Why does matchmaking have to take so long?

When solo queuing I almost immediately get put on a team of 5, but I have yet to find even one player on the other team before I have to give up - I don’t have infinite time to just sit there doing nothing.

Grab 10 people at random, sort by “skill” (whatever measure you choose to use), go down your now sorted list and put the evens on one team and odds on another and get them into the game. It shouldn’t take this long!

Premades will put a damper on this idea. Let premades fight other premades if there are any. After a 5 minute wait, grab from the random pool and do the best sorting possible under the circumstances.

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This makes good sense, and it’s what I’ve been personally wanting.

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That would work for a solo only queue, but it runs into problems when you throw pre-made teams into the mix. Grab 10 solo players and assemble teams based on skill and you’re good. Throw in a pre-made and you’re actually putting the solo queuers at a disadvantage compared to if you create a team of 5 and then try to match them up. I’m not sure if @Jythri wants to add a solo queue to the game or not, and if they do it may take a while to code it into the game so even if it is something they plan on adding we may not see it for a while.

On top of that there is still the issue of the low playerbase to deal with. Gearbox can attract new players with sales and specials as well as bring some older players back with new content releases and events, but if they can’t retain them there’s a problem. They’re working on fixing a lot of issues with the game. Tutorials will be added. New players will play versus bots through these modes so they will be a little more knowledgeable about the game rather than just being thrown to the wolves.

Performance issues are being addressed. Balance issues are being addressed. New content is being added. Matchmaking is going to be getting some upgrades. Once all this is in place then maybe we’ll see greater player retention and the game can begin to grow. People keep asking for F2P but even that couldn’t save the game if it keeps bleeding players. The game doesn’t need to go F2P. It’s just needs to stop the bleeding. Once that is done it should be fine. It can grow from there.

This is an incredible game. But it’s also not very friendly to a lot of newer players. It’s got a few issues here and there. But all of that is being addressed by the developers so I think we’ll be fine. I’m glad that Gearbox is being smart in how they are handling a lot of this and not just panicking and jumping onto the F2P bandwagon. I think going down that path may introduce a lot of problems for the game anyway. A solution that creates more problems than it solves is not a solution.

Anyway, I’ve been hearing about a lot of really nice updates for the game in the next few patches. I think it’s going to be a great start.


One other thing - Estimated wait: short is total BS. Why even have it if it’s nothing but drivel?

It involves wait in a queue with a much larger volume. On console, it’s typically short or other things link region get in the way. On PC, it would be short if there were more people to march. The system wasn’t prepared for it. In beta, I saw a queue that said long. It’s just how it works with lower volume.