Why does Miko do such a HUGE amount of damage with her primary? UPDATED

This is the first game I’ve ever seen where a healer can deal out such insane damage with just their primary attack. Those throwing stars she never stops shooting destroy whatever character I use. It’s absolutely crazy that if I make a single error or miss attacking her, she turns around and throws poison stars that DECIMATE my hp in a heartbeat. I swear I end up running from her more than other characters AS A BRAWLER.

I’m gonna link proof of my game where Miko, a healer, can do more damage than any character’s ult at level 3. The most powerful healer in the game should NEVER come close to that damage ESPECIALLY AT LEVEL 3 WITH HER PRIMARY! No attack gear, no other abilities!


Agreed! They nerfed Galilee and I hate miko way worse. Kept running into isic and miko combos it was brutal!

This is kind of off topic but isn’t Miko an it? But on topic, I think it’s viable for it to be a DPS if you spec it towards it, just because you’re giving up better healing.


She never gives up better healing. No matter how she specs, she does either great healing or even greater healing. Her primary attack that she spams for such huge damage isn’t even on cooldown.

You surely are exaggerating. Miko is pretty useless as an offensive character. Miko can spec to attack faster and improve the effects of it’s poison…but the damage still is low.

I’m not sure what game you are playing.


Not sure what Miko you’ve been playing against but her main attack is devastating


I’ll try the character again today and spec for damage and see what you guys are talking about.

I’m too busy healing to ever bother attacking with Miko.

In all my times going against Miko, I have never thought her to be OP.

Then see my other thread. 1000 damage. Level 3. 6 seconds. Primary ranged attack. No cool down or ult necessary. And she’s the best healer in the game. Less a “support” than a dominating, tier 1, absolutely necessary super healer + super assassin.

I think it’s ridiculous Miko heals faster than the support station, I mean, if you’ve got Miko on your team, why bother buying it?

Cuz some people are jerks and don’t heal lol


Nerfing Mikos’ heal would be ridiculous. As far as damage, it’s slow. I take 1700 to 2k damage from several characters in well under 6 seconds. Mikos knives are slow and have to reload after 6 shots.

Galilea routinely obliterates virtually every character I run into her with. Between the shield, her R1 skill and melee damage she dishes out insane dps. If anyone still needs a further nerf it’s her.

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While I agree the damage output is pretty good on Miko even if you don’t upgrade it worth squat.
You have to time it well or you die yourself, if the Miko you’re playing against attacks you while you’re not being distracted or stunned, you shouldn’t have much trouble killing him.
His HP is horrible and he has no shield, so if I find a Miko while playing dps or tank, I usually don’t have any trouble finishing him off or at least pressuring him to retreat before he gets me.

Also, his damage is only good at close and medium range, if he’s good. I reckon maybe you just got unlucky and found a good Miko player.

Miko kicks ass :dukeaffirmative:

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The real question is

What is Miko?

He? She? It?

The world may never know.


From the lore its a colony of mushrooms so the correct form would be “They”.

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I don’t get your issue.In order to get massive damage she has to be close and not under fire. I eat her for breakfast 1v1 or even 1v2(although I main ISIC and I’m pretty beastly with him).

Miko starts being a problem when she’s paired with a good Reyna, other than that she’s fine IMO. Her attacks are slow, inaccurate and she has to reload a lot plus she has a really hard time hitting if you dance around her.
Also,her ult is garbage in intense fights,super easy to kill. Her only real strength is the spore stun, but she has to make a direct hit with it, so it’s not like it’s unavoidable.


I played the battleborn closed beta and the open beta on both ps4 and xbox one and I never ever considered Miko OP. sure miko is great at healing but that is what’s it supposed to do. If you’re playing a brawler and cant manage a miko 1v1 then you’re just not experienced enough and probably need some practice.

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Lvl 31 and routinely get highest score on my team. A brawler can’t do crap if they get hit by over 1k damage in 6 seconds from a lvl 3 miko’s primary while she kites just out of reach.

As who specificly do you play then?