Why does Miko do such a HUGE amount of damage with her primary? UPDATED

I’m a decent Miko player, I enjoy the character. I can not win 1v1 conflicts with most characters. I do better offensively when everyone is lower level but once people start hitting 4+ I can’t take anyone 1v1. Miko may do 1000 in 6 seconds but every other char at level 3 can do 1500 to 2000 in the same span. Miko has no shield, not much health and slow attacks which reload every 6 shots. I’m very familiar with how much damage Miko does with each knife throw and to hit 1000 damage in 6 seconds means you got hit 12 times minimum…if that’s true you either found an incredible Miko player or you are not moving enough.

Miko is a pure healer who can add some damage to a fight if they choose but most of the time will be preoccupied with healing teammates if being played correctly. It has no means of escape and if 2 people target it, will die quickly with no one being able to do anything about it except maybe Reyna. No shield, no damage reduction, a single stun that requires you to plant a slow ball directly on target for it to work and an ultimate that has almost no offensive use.

Miko is balanced and fine as is.


As someone who mains Miko I have to agree that after this recent bout of nerfs to Galilea, Ambra, etc. Miko definitely seems to be one of the most powerful characters in the game. Not only can Miko’s poison kunai burn health pretty quickly but Miko is also probably the best source of heals in the game, making her/it practically invaluable. I love Miko but I’m pretty sure I have made multiple people ragequit because they got beat in 1v1 fights multiple times in a single match (by a healer).
I don’t know if Miko should be nerfed or not, just wanted to agree with you that she/it/they are definitely super powerful.


I don’t deny Miko is powerful, I’m just arguing that it’s not overpowered. The knives do great damage, but they’re slow and have a fairly slow reload every 6 tosses. In comparison to most other chars, Mikos damage is a good deal less. Combined with great regen and some speed, Miko is a force but not 1v1 much unless you just outclass the other player in skill or catch them off guard.

Calling for nerfs because someone kicked your behind with a char is ridiculous. I’d rather see other chars that may be lacking get buffed then see Miko take a nerf that isn’t needed. If they were to nerf Mikos healing or damage then the char would become useless. It’s primary function is to heal, and it’s good at it. The damage makes the char kinda fun, maybe it could handle a very small reduction or slightly slower Kunai speed but if you routinely look at the boards after games, Miko isn’t dominating the charts. I see Galilea up there constantly (and she happens to obliterate most chars I run into her 1v1)


Miko usually dominates every time I see it unless there’s an Ambra or Galilea.

I only think the damage should be slightly nerfed, it’s supposed to be a straight up healing character right?

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He is a main healer yes, but given the type of game Battleborn is, he also has to have a decent offense. I still don’t believe his offense is overpowered. Miko can’t win any 1v1 fair fights. It’s out damaged by virtually every other character. The domination you see may be coming from the healing and the fact that every little heal usually ends up with an assist for whoever he was healing killed. Also, people tend to not focus on Miko because it hides behind other characters and avoids 1v1 confrontations. Any Miko player worth anything will stick with one or two other people constantly and use them for protection. This usually ends with few deaths for Miko and lots of assists and even kills if healing isn’t needed and Miko can gang up on whoever is there.

To experiment, take Miko and don’t stick with people, seek out fair 1v1 fights with chars and see how you do. If you can dominate that way then the damage may need a small nerf. I’m sure Gearbox has tons of data on Miko though and if he is OP damage wise, I’m pretty sure they’ll fix it.

He is a main healer yes, but given the type of game Battleborn is, he also has to have a decent offense.

Yes. There’s no such thing as a “pure healer” in this game or even a pure support (though Reyna gets pretty close) and I like it that way.

The thing with Miko is that you can pressure them. They can’t heal a teammate and attack at the same time (aside from their ultimate). And they are easy to crit. Those things keep Miko from being OP.

Ya but if they have to SWITCH to attack, then their buddy is still attacking you lol.

Man, came across some terrible Reyna at the end, saw them pick Reyna so I would pick Galilea expecting a GG scenario but they didn’t overshield once…

I played Reyna a few times. Really interesting character. While not an overly complex character in terms of power interactions, I think this is a character, more than most, that will look very different in the hands of someone that’s really good with her. I also think it is a character that will excel on an organized team.

She’s a character I’d love to become really skilled at. She’s not strong on her own, but seems to me she could be a huge difference maker for a team.

Miko usually get 2 kills and loads of assits… Mainly don’t even do a third of the damage the damage dealer with the least damage did… Idk what is OP about Miko’s Kunais. Miko are… Well, they should heal. And they can’t 1v1 anyone, if the other player plays correctly. When the person I was healing dies, I run… I run as fast as I can because I know that Miko don’t nearly have enough health to stay alive.

That said, their kunai thingies don’t do a lot of damage… And the reload time is pretty long, and it’s actually hard to hit. (I do have aim-assist off, because I’m a real man… Or, fungus…)

About the poison, I think this is a MUST. You know why? Because it SUPPORTS the killer. If someone is running away with little health, the poison sometimes is able to take out that enemy. Which is also a way of supporting! ;D

Idk, Miko dmg output is heavily reliant on your skill or your opponents un-skill O.O . I played warframe and always ran kunai’s so im quite used to getting headshots with them. I do admit Miko can be abit safe with your extreme speed, good healing, and bomb with either stun or area of effect slow Miko puts the power in pushes. Often i can keep an entire team occupied and even kill one if they do not burst engage me properly, I can easily duel, although honestly miko is at an disadvantage dueling with one skill that has no use unless their is a partner and an ulti that dies in like one or two hits. If you are having trouble with miko’s dmg it is probably simply a skill problem. There are MUCH MUCH worse things than a miko, like ambra,gali, rath ghalt, toby, and isic there are others but meh.

I will say, for the most part, Miko is one character that is absolutely game-changing compared to the others - particularly since some other powerful characters took nerfs - and you can almost predetermine the outcome of a match based on which team has Miko & which does not, barring a really bad Miko player who runs around aimlessly. One of my main gripes w/ Battleborn is the distinct lack of healing & supportive characters, and the importance of the 2 or 3 out of 25 so far. Of them, Miko is probably the most game-changing, though Ambra can be pretty darn close, and possibly superior, if played smart. I just dunno how much I agree w/ the main point of Miko’s damage. Miko is annoying, not scary. He/she/it can contribute a lot of damage against you in a pinch, but is only really dangerous when attached to the hip of a damage dealer, and 1v1 is not a threat unless you’re seriously damaged or not paying attention.


Though they are my main, Miko really does need a nerf to on hit damage for his Primary. or maybe a extension of the poison damage.


No, then they’d be useless in PvE.

Not sure of your reasoning for that. I think it could curb the problem. Or maybe diminishing returns on the slow in PVP? I know in my experience, just a little heads up and you can kite a melee quite will with the Spore Sac and Primary. There is no perfect answer but some tweaks could help.

Should have been more clear. I was thinking of solo pve. Miko’s damage is hardly overwhelming there. All characters in this game have to be able to do decent damage, even support characters. If it is really out of line, they will deal with it, as they have with Ambra. Of course, Miko isn’t nearly as tanky as Ambra.

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It’s probably due to the gear the player had available at the time.

I agree. It’s nothing amazing in PVE.

I think Miko should be nerfed.

  1. She heals herself while healing other making it very difficult to kill either of the two targets you are engaging
  2. She does great damage with her main attacks and that spore ball can upgrade to get like 3 different cc effects on it
  3. She gets assists for healing a friendly who gets a kill

I go most games with 2-4 kills, 25+ assists and 0-1 deaths. I have played about a dozen games as miko and have not lost once with all teams of random players. I was only able to do that kinda thing when i played Ambra and Galilea before they got nerfed…

Miko also can’t do all that damage and heal teammates at the same time (not with the main heal anyway). Keep pressure on them. Take advantage of the huge crit zone.

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So basically you want to say, that good support wins battles and matches? That’s hardly any news in most team based games.

However, at the same time you prove, that Miko’s attack is at good place. Only couple of kills during a match and I doubt you were leading by damage as well. So what’s the problem with him? Assists? They are kind of what you should be getting if you play support role.

Overall, Miko current design is so nice at least on attacking side. It’s so refreshing to have supports with some teeth and can lay down some hurt. However, at the same time it has only 6 kunais to throw and a lengthy reload in between. Plus they are kind of slow. So if enemy knows what he’s doing, keeps at least medium distance and continues moving - Miko definitely it not that big of a threat.

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